This Touching Story about a Bullied Boy Shows How One Small Gesture Can Save Someone’s Life

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This is a touching story about a boy called Kyle and how one kind action can change someone’s life. There was a boy in high school and one day he saw a boy from his class, called Kyle, walking home having been in school. Kyle was carrying all his books from school. The boy thought “why would he be taking all his books home from school on the weekend? He

5 Simple Habits of Genuinely Happy People

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How do genuinely happy people manage to maintain a good mood and a positive attitude? Let’s explore their secrets! Happiness is the world’s most sought after emotion. Happiness is also the most talked about, yet there is no magic wand or guaranteed steps you should take to achieve it. Nonetheless, the lack of a proven formula doesn’t mean there aren’t certain habits happy people share. Ask a genuinely happy person

Heartwarming Story of an 8-Year-Old Boy Who Donated His Hair for Cancer Patients

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Ask yourself what you have done in the past or perhaps you are planning to do to help cancer patients or anyone who really is indeed of a donation. Well, here is an inspiring story of an 8-year-old boy by the name Thomas Moore from Maryland who grew his hair for two years to donate his hair to cancer patients! It all started the day Thomas saw his mother watching

Help Others Because You Never Know When You’ll Need Help: A Heartwarming Story

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Apparently, the world still has people with good hearts who are willing to help others. So the other day I was reading a story about a man who gave all the money he had to a woman and her child to use as transport to get back their shelter. This was so touching that it actually awakened the memories of many Biblical stories like that story of a woman who

10 Random Acts of Kindness from Children That Will Keep Your Faith in Humanity Alive

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These random acts of kindness will leave you speechless and make you wonder whether we are doing all we can to create a better world for our children. An 18th-century German philosopher said that we are living in the best of all possible worlds. While it is true that things can be much worse than they currently are, it is far from true that there is no room for improvement

This Heart Warming Story about a Hungry Mom at McDonalds Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

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There is an inspiring trend emerging in coffee shops and cafes across the country, and it is restoring my faith in humanity. Paying it forward is a new idea that has developed in cafes around the world, and its concept is very simple. You simply pay for the next person’s food or drink so that they get a free meal or drink. In some cafes the concept of paying it

7 Simple Pleasures That Will Make Your Life Brighter

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Put some small sparks in your day by adding some simple pleasures to your life. We all have goals. Everyone knows what they want to accomplish by the end of the month, by the end of the year, and perhaps even five years from now. We work hard and enjoy some big pleasures – a vacation to someplace great; perhaps the birth of a child; buying a new car or

10 Things You Need to Do in Your 30s to Make Your Life Better in Your 50s

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Being thirty and younger, it’s easy to forget that we will at some point in the not-so-distant future, be fifty. We will all one day wake up and claim the ripe age of five-zero and wonder where the years have gone. With the age milestone seeming so far away, it is easy to forget that as we get older, life often gets harder and things that we could once do

Homeless Man Offers Art Student Money For A Cab. How She Repaid Him Was Amazing

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Good karma has finally been returned to a generous homeless man, who is known in his community for good deeds. Earlier this month, University of Central Lancashire student Dominique Harrison-Bentzen was about to get a cab home when she realized that she didn’t have any money and she didn’t have her bank card on her either. Robbie, a nearby homeless man observed what was going on, so he approached Dominique

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