9 Signs That an Angry Person in Your Life Is Actually Just Unhappy

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We’ve all encountered an angry person at some point in our lives. It may be a family member who remains closed off and withdrawn or a neighbor with a tough exterior who never smiles. It may seem that these people are unreasonably angry when the truth of the matter is; they are just unhappy. When people are chronically unhappy, it’s hard for them to see the good in the world around them. This often makes unhappy people negative, mean, and just plain difficult to deal

Why Independent People Are Some of the Greatest Friends You Could Ever Have

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Independent people make the best friends and here are fourteen reasons why… 1. They are dependent Independent people will always follow through on the plans they make. Even if it’s a casual arrangement, they will always stick to it. 2. They like space Space is necessary for any friendship, and independent people love their space and respect yours too. It's good to set boundaries, knowing when to back off and when to approach, and independent people have that down to a T. 3. They are