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Good News for Cuddlers! Sleeping Together with Your Partner Is Good for Your Health

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To all cuddlers out there. Keep cuddling! According to research undertaken by the Wall Street Journal, sleeping in a bed with a partner has a number of health benefits. Some scientists also suggest that those in long-term relationships tend to be healthier than those sleeping alone. Controversial? Yup. Previous research concluded that women do not sleep well when someone else is in the bed, and it also found that both sexes move around a lot when in bed together, not conducive to sleep. However, this


5 Interesting Reasons to Sleep Naked

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Sleeping naked is not something one normally thinks about–you either do it or you don’t. It turns out, however, that there are health reasons for doing so. Science leaves no stone unturned, even when it comes to your position on pajamas. So here what happens when you sleep naked. 1. Cooler is Better Wearing clothing while sleeping keeps body temperature in. Sleep researchers have found that cooler room and body temperatures resulted in several positive effects, including less insulin resistance, reduced blood pressure, and weight loss. Sometimes


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