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Benefits of Juicing and Blending: Which Is the Best for Your Beverage?

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What are the benefits of juicing and blending and which suits your needs better? There’s a new wave sweeping over food fans everywhere, and it’s got less to do with carbs and sugars than it does with shapes and forms. Juicing and blending is the hot new thing for many people looking to boost nutrition and health, and for good reason. Both give you an opportunity to increase your intake of those ever-so-essential but sometimes lacking fruits and vegetables. More complex recipes can also add other


The Ultimate Guide to Picnics: Hacks, Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

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Picnics have long been enjoyed as a popular summer pastime. With the warmer weather approaching, days getting longer and the hope of summer on the horizon, it’s time to start planning a wealth of ways to enjoy the sunshine. Picnics are a great activity you can enjoy with friends or family and are a particularly fun leisure experience for the kids. In a recent poll, it was noted that the most popular alfresco locations for picnics were city parks and the countryside, followed closely by


24 Unexpected Ways to Use Coffee: Hacks for Your Home, Health & Beauty

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Did you know that other than drinking it, you can use coffee to do so many other cool things? Someone once told me that there are not many things that are as refreshing as a cup of quality coffee taken early in the morning or anytime during a cold day. Be it on a date, with friends or during breakfast coffee always seem to spice up the mood around. Interestingly, some people have the opinion that coffee is overrated! Now, that is the cool thing


Alternative Car Fuels: A Full Guide – Infographic

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In this article, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of 10 of the most common alternative car fuels. The modern day motorist is far more likely to be environmentally conscious than those from previous generations, with the effects of air pollution from fossil fuels well publicized. Motorists who may not feel comfortable with using traditional fuels such as petroleum and diesel now have a wide range of greener alternatives from which they can choose, and the benefits and drawbacks of 10 of the most


Home Improvements That Add the Most Value to Your Home – Infographic

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Your home is your castle, right? Well, so the saying goes anyway. However, it pretty much is true especially when you have poured your hard earned cash into a building or buying the place and you call it home. Some people build or buy their homes with the idea that they will stay there in that location forever but things change: kids grow up, jobs change, relationships change, and there are so many factors. So what if you are in your home but you aren’t


11 Surprising Health Benefits of Love You Didn’t Know about – Infographic

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Did you know that love can actually boost your well-being? Take a look at this infographic to learn about the proven health benefits of love. Spring is in the air. As the temperatures rise and the flowers burst forth, our thoughts are naturally turning to love. Have you noticed? People in love seem to glow from within. They step more lightly and handle life's annoyances with greater equanimity and calm. We can't help but wonder: Biologically speaking, is there something behind these side effects? Can


Try These Simple Desk Stretches to Neutralize the Negative Effects of Sitting

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If your job keeps you sitting for long hours, then it’s time you tried these desk stretches to neutralize the adverse health effects of sedentary lifestyle. Did you know that sitting for long hours may increase the risk of getting heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and even cause early deaths? This is especially a problem for desk workers who spend 8 hours and even more of their day sitting. Now, this does not have to worry you as we have compiled some simple desk stretches that


How to Create an Eco-Friendly Garden: Easier Than You Think! – Infographic

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Some people are lucky enough to have a large outdoor space to work with while others might have a very restricted area. That being said, a large garden area requires greater care and planning so there are upsides and downsides to both. Whatever size or area the space you have is, you do possess the ability to create an eco-friendly garden in it. Being eco-friendly is really important in today’s world and it is not something that we should just hold lip service to. Climate


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