Street Artist Created Thought-Provoking Illustrations That Show What’s Wrong With Our Society

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Many street artists have used their creativity to highlight poverty, abuse and a myriad of other social problems. Some have gone a step further and used their art to critique government policies that they feel need changing. One street artist, Dran, uses thought-provoking illustrations to emphasize the need for social change. How art reflects social problems People would argue that the world faces many crises and social problems abound. Artists have always believed that it is their responsibility to give social justice a voice. Works

What Is Love? Husband Creates Lovely Illustrations for His Wife

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What is Love? Love is a little thing that most of us can relate to. It comes in the ways that we easily overlook in our daily lives. We, therefore, can find love in the simple things that we do. Love may take different forms and shapes and is often far from what is projected of the movies. It is both the sweet and the sour moments that deeply strengthen the bond between the couples. This is what Andrew Hou, a Korean artist wanted to

What Life after Marriage Is Actually Like, Captured in 5 Cute Illustrations

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These cute illustrations capture in an amazing way how life after marriage is totally different than before marriage. Many believe that once you tie the knot, life begins. That there are no more arguments, no more drama and life is pretty much perfect. However, things do change, it may only be a piece of paper and a ring, but life after marriage is way different than before, even if it’s just little ones. These illustrations cheekily suggest how marriage changes things: 1. Bed hogging Bed hogging is

10 Illustrations That Show What It Means to Be a Dog Owner

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If you are a dog owner, you may resonate and find yourself in these funny illustrations. A well-known duo behind the online shop Lingvistov has prepared a surprise for all of its followers who like dogs. Theses witty illustrations are executed in the style that has already become their trademark and tell a story of everyday life with men's best friends. Dog owners among you already know that having one of these lovely creatures around can make life much more interesting. We all look for

10 Cute Illustrations That Capture the Ephemeral Moments of Youth

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In youth, life seems like a blank page of a book waiting to be written. We constantly search for things we didn't experience before, we want to live life like there is no tomorrow. In all that haste, we often forget how precious the simple moments from everyday life are. Drinking a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe or a visit to the library can be more rewarding than a wild night out with friends. We take life for granted, thinking that we will

Hilarious Comics Show the Differences Between Cats and Dogs

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Who wouldn't love being the owner of a fluffy kitty that purrs softly when you stroke it? And who wouldn't enjoy the companion of a playful dog? After all, it is considered to be man's best friend. Nobody can deny that both cats and dogs are the most popular pets in the world. However, there are many differences between a dog and a cat, including its physical features, nature, and character. Russian artist Bird Born has created a hilarious series of comics to show six

These Cute Comics Show That True Love Is in Small Everyday Things

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Artist Philippa Rice has created an inspiring comic series about how love shows itself in small everyday things couples do. It is commonly known that daily life may harm relationships. Everyday routine, work-related stress and responsibilities sometimes make you neglect your sweetheart. However, there are also countless small things couples do to show their love and affection. These things are what inspired Rice to create a comic book titled Soppy. If you live with your loved one, some of the following illustrations will probably remind