5 Child-Rearing Mistakes That May Cost Your Kid’s Happiness

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Child-rearing is a hard work to do, and like any other work, it requires a lot of efforts and self-control to be done well. All parents want the most important project of their life—child rearing—to be successful, and they do their best. However, parenting styles differ. While some parents prefer not to be involved in the child’s life at all, others become hostages of their own fears and misconceptions and grow with their child together. Despite the differences in approaches, both miss a very important

When a Couple Shares Deep Love, They Do These 10 Things

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Deep love is something special, and when we really feel love for someone, we have certain ways of showing it. A romantic connection with another person is special and should be protected at all costs. There are a few habits of a couple who have a deep love for one another that should be revered, as they show us the way to having a deep love for ourselves. 1. Always wanting to learn more about the other person Couples in love feel intrigued by the

5 Signs You’re in a Codependent Relationship and What to Do about It

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Codependent behaviour is a dysfunction within a relationship that is one-sided. What are the signs of a codependent relationship? The main symptoms are one-half of the relationship relying solely on the other to provide almost all of their emotional needs and self-esteem. In more extreme cases, this can lead to one-half of the relationship enabling and even supporting the other’s irresponsible or addictive behaviours. There are a number of symptoms to look out for when dealing with a codependent relationship. Here are five of the

Why Independent People Are Some of the Greatest Friends You Could Ever Have

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Independent people make the best friends and here are fourteen reasons why… 1. They are dependent Independent people will always follow through on the plans they make. Even if it’s a casual arrangement, they will always stick to it. 2. They like space Space is necessary for any friendship, and independent people love their space and respect yours too. It's good to set boundaries, knowing when to back off and when to approach, and independent people have that down to a T. 3. They are

5 Reasons Why Introverts Make the Best Life Partners

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Introverts are known for being shy, socially anxious reclusive; however, this isn’t necessarily true. Sure, some people may also have these traits but more often than not, it isn’t the case. The real defining point of whether somebody is an introvert or an extrovert is how they gain their energy – around people or alone. Introverts prefer to spend their time alone to recharge, but there are also some traits that are common amongst introverts that make them the best life partners. 1. Introverts love

5 Ways to Know if Your Friend is a True Friend

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Not every person in your life you consider to be your friend is indeed a true friend. Being let down by people in your life is the only way to learn that you shouldn’t rely on others. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable. We all get let down at some point in our lives and those we thought were friends, didn’t have our best interests at heart. However, that being said, there are people who will be true friends, who will put you before many other aspects of

6 Ways to Combat the Failure to Launch in Your Life

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Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you anything was possible in your life? The sky was the limit, they said, and you believed them. Being cut from the soccer team, setting fire to your chemistry set, getting turned down by your kindergarten crush — no setback was damning enough to shake your confidence or destroy your faith in the future. But a funny thing happens as you get older. When faced with a big challenge, you can become paralyzed by self-doubt

5 Basic Building Blocks of a Strong Relationship

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No matter what situation you are in, a strong relationship is always a bit of a gray matter area. While some say that they can predict the future, love is not an easily charted path as some would like to believe. That is not to say that there are no tips in order to improve, and ensure your relationship has the best possible life! Since we all need a little reminder about what exactly brought us together, we have a couple of the basic tips