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The Real Food Guide: How We Ate 100 Years Ago

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I’m hungry… what should I eat? Low fat? Low sodium? Low carb? High protein? When did eating get so complicated? It hasn’t always been like this. We ate in-season food from our local area and we cooked the recipes our mothers or grandmothers taught us to make. We didn’t calculate the number of calories we ate or grams of carbs or fat. We ate real food and we enjoyed it. What Went Wrong With Nutrition? As a society, we’re arguably better fed than we have ever


7 Things That Are Blocking Your Spirit Guides

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Your angels, spirit animals and spirit guides, in general, are supposed to be connecting and communicating with you, offering guidance for your life and acting as a source of light and encouragement. If you aren't experiencing this, what's the problem? As it turns out, it’s probably largely you yourself that stands in your own way, as well as the way of your spirit guides! Everything from your attitude to even the things that you eat can affect the connection with your spirit guides. Never fear,