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23 European Inventors That Gave the World Genius Inventions

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Let's take a look at the many inventions that we now take for granted by great European inventors such as Archimedes, Leonardo da Vinci, and others. This list contains the European inventors that gave the world genius inventions. Archimedes (Archimedes of Syracuse) The well-known Archimedes was a former physicist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, and Greek astronomer. Among other things, he calculated and developed the Archimedes screw to extract water from mines or wells. Leonardo Da Vinci Italian, scientific and political artist and probably one of the

9 Famous Geniuses with a Weird Sleep Schedule or How to Sleep Like Nikola Tesla and Salvador Dali

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Most of us try to keep to a sleep schedule of at least six to seven hours. Medical Science suggests that a person needs at least seven hours of sleep a day. Geniuses would argue that sleep compromises success. A successful, brilliant person tends to follow a strange sleep pattern or a polyphasic sleep schedule. It seems like we need to sacrifice sleep to meet our goals. But is it necessary? Read on to find out how prominent people like Salvador Dali, Winston Churchill, and