10 Yoga Mudras for Anxiety, Pain Relief and Other Ailments

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Yoga Mudras show that our hands are integral to any exercise routine. Most of us neglect our hands when we work out. But no yoga or exercise routine is complete without them. Yoga mudras help us to build healthy minds and bodies. So, what are they exactly? And how can they help us? What Are Yoga Mudras? Mudra is an ancient Sanskrit word that means 'hand.' Yoga Mudras, therefore, are hand or body positions. They are straightforward and practical forms of meditations that boost overall

Here Is What Happens When You Press These Points on Your Fingers

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It may sound crazy, but pressing certain points on your fingers to alleviate pain is one of the most ancient and established methods of mending. Jin Shin Jyutsu, or “jumper cables,” is a Japanese method of healing your body by associating every finger on your hand with an organ in your body and a certain feeling. A simple version of acupressure, Jin Shin Jyutsu is based around 26 points and energy pathways. The idea is that these processes not only affect the symptoms you may be