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Why Vertical Farming is the Future of Food Production – Infographic

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Throughout time, one of the most frustrating aspects about farming has been the unpredictability associated with it. From bad weather to pests to droughts and more, the slightest tweak in the environment could damage a significant amount of crops. Plus, the land required to maintain productive farms means that outdoor farms take up about 45% of the United States’ land that’s suitable for farming. Instead of looking around for better farming land, innovative farmers and technology companies are looking up. Vertical farming takes place in abandoned

Shocking Facts About Factory Farming VS Sustainable Farming – Infographic

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Factory Farming VS Sustainable Farming: Ever wonder where the food you eat comes from? In the infographic below, A to Z Solutions breaks down and compares the impacts from a factory farming and sustainable farming on the environment, fossil fuel, health, animal welfare, waste, transportation, and more. Did you know that since factory farms and slaughterhouses are highly unsanitary, this contributes to 5,000 deaths from foodborne illnesses a year in the U.S.? At the same time, sustainable farms produce foods without hazardous chemicals, leading to

This Ginormous Factory Farm Can Grow 10,000 Heads of Lettuce per Day

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Is it a coincidence that the name of an enormous factory farm which produces lettuce in Japan is located in the Miyagi Prefecture? Miyagi was the name of the teacher in “The Karate Kid”, the man who taught balance, patience, perseverance, initiative, ingenuity, hard work, and compassion. The head of this indoor factory farm—the largest of its kind— plants physiologist Shigeh Shimamura. He has put his knowledge and experience of plant biology and environmental technology to practical application by transforming an old Sony semiconductor factory