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The Ultimate Guide to Picnics: Hacks, Tips and Tricks

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Picnics have long been enjoyed as a popular summer pastime. With the warmer weather approaching, days getting longer and the hope of summer on the horizon, it’s time to start planning a wealth of ways to enjoy the sunshine. Picnics are a great activity you can enjoy with friends or family and are a particularly fun leisure experience for the kids. In a recent poll, it was noted that the most popular alfresco locations for picnics were city parks and the countryside, followed closely by

16 Ideas for Raising Your Consciousness

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Some days feel quite ordinary. Other days become lifelong memories because they are truly extraordinary. What is the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary? For many people, it is the ability to raise their consciousness to higher levels. Here’s some good news: you can raise your consciousness to experience extraordinary days every day. With these steps, the ordinary, boring days will fade away and become no more. Raising your consciousness will seem a little bit easier after reading the following ideas: 1. Find a