Are You Happy at Work? How It Measures Your Overall Happiness

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Would you say that you are happy at work and in general? Let’s learn how to measure the level of our happiness and why a job plays a huge role. Can you say how happy you are, right now? Do you know whether you're happier today than you were yesterday? Are you happier at work or at home? Are you happier in the mornings or after lunch? Measuring your happiness is the first step towards increasing your contentment and well-being. On a scale from 1

Still Don’t Believe Everything Happens for a Reason? Consider This

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Some people have faith that everything happens for a reason, while others are not so sure. Merely thinking about the possibility of the fact that everything happens for a reason can be overwhelming. Your thoughts can spiral out in so many different directions and you can question even the most minute aspects of life; “Did that yellow butterfly just land on the bench for a reason?”. We can’t be certain if every little thing that happens is teaching us a lesson, however, if we choose

8 Ways to Experience Any City in the World Like a Local

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When you visit a city you want to get a flavor for the real people who live there – what they like to eat, do, and where they like to drink. That’s why it’s important to read these top tips for your next trip to help you blend into the city like a local. 1. Shop at the supermarket Grocery stores are a great place to get a feel for the people of a city. They are where locals buy their food on a daily