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Hexo+ : A Fantastic Autonomous Flying Camera

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Xavier de Le Rue, a world-renowned snowboarder, and co-founder of Hexo+, designed this drone. Hexo+ can track you autonomously and ensure you are in the shot. You can choose the angle you that you wanted to be captured from close up, medium shot, front, side or above. This innovative flying camera has been designed in a user-friendly way that you don’t have to know how to fly a drone because it takes off, lands and flies on its own. It’s able to go a fair


This Revolutionary Throw-and-Shoot Camera Drone Will Capture You While Flying Behind You

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Meet Lily, the newest tech gadget to combine two rising trends and bring them together in a revolutionary new creation. It's not a bird. It's not a plane. It is a camera drone. Lily can fly, follow the user around, and record them. Its difference from most camera drone gadgets is that it doesn't require manual control from the user, but relies on computer vision technology and GPS to recognize and track the user. Creator Antoine Balaresque states: “We designed it as a camera, and