‘I Married the Wrong Person’: How to Be Sure and What to Do?

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If you’re stuck in an unhappy marriage, you know the signs. The disconnection. The loud fighting or the silence of a cold war. The loneliness. His glaring, intolerable flaws. And the grief as you fear you’ve made a huge mistake. If only you hadn’t married the wrong person, none of this would be happening, right? Should you get a divorce? After all, it doesn’t make sense to keep slogging through if it’s never going to get better. What if you don’t want to end up

How to Heal After a Marriage Breakdown with 6 Strategies

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A marriage breakdown and a painful separation from your spouse can be a very distressing and heart-breaking time for you to go through. Whether you are currently in the process of getting a divorce or it has all been finalized, it’s never too early to start thinking about what you’re going to do to heal after a marriage breakdown, let go, and start enjoying this new and exciting chapter in your life. It’s completely normal to feel a little bit lost, alone, and unsure of

How to Get through a Divorce and Move on with Your Life

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Here’s everything you needed to know about getting through a divorce and thrive. It’s much easier than you think. I am divorced, twice actually, and no, it’s no picnic, I can tell you that. In fact, going through a separation with your spouse will knock the wind out of you. It will force you to accept change whether you like it or not. Getting through a divorce seems like a daunting and imaginary thing. The truth is, it can be done much easier than you

3 Pieces of Divorce Advice Most People Tend to Ignore

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Separating is never what couples envision when they are exchanging their marriage vows. Yet, with marriages failing as often as they succeed, divorce advice becomes necessary for some couples. It is not easy to end a marriage, that is why divorce advice is essential for those who wish to move on with their lives and pursue a legal separation. Once you have begun the process there are avenues in which you should focus on: your finances, emotional state, and family dynamic. With proper communication, a

Marriage: Do You Make These Social Media Mistakes?

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While social media is often viewed as a way to make new friends with people you have something in common with, a mounting body of evidence is accumulating that social media is bad for people in a relationship. Things can get even worse for those who are married because their social media mistakes may trigger suspicion, stir up arguments, and even be grounds for a divorce. Although it may sound rather extreme to say that social media can precipitate a divorce, divorce lawyer Stephen Bishop explains