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30 Amazingly Clever Product Packages From Around The Globe

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Sometimes advertising of new products and the ideas used to promote them are so amazing and attractive, that you want to buy everything you see at once. The look of a product is really important, so companies are making clever packages with a lot of taste and humor. I hope you like this short list of these clever product packages we collected from different sources around the Internet. You will see that some of them are simply funny and cute, while some others are also

Organic Architecture: Amazing Sustainable Home Designs Inspired by Nature

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When we think of the word “house”, we probably conjure the image of a conventional rectangle-with-triangle-roof shape, the kind we used to draw in our elementary grade pictures. Nowadays, architecture is widely taken for granted; it is safe to deduce that in the corporate spirit of our times, architecture is mostly a means of accommodation and practicality; aesthetics are somewhat overlooked, especially in large cities (unless you live in the suburbs). And let's not even get started on the environmental uses or sustainability of