Pyramids of Waste AKA The Lightbulb Conspiracy

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Have you ever heard about "The Lightbulb Conspiracy" Planned obsolescence documentary. Watch the following documentary video and learn about how the economic system of our devices is based on consumerism of them. Which is the philosophy of technology companies in devices consumption and recycling! Some devices are definitely made in order to dysfunction in a specified time period. The following documendary explains a lot of things that we have wondered about

Scientific Study Reveals Conspiracy Theorists the Most Sane of All

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  If you're a conspiracy theorist, then you're crazy, right? That's been the common belief for years, but recent studies prove that just the opposite is true. Researchers -- psychologists and social scientists, mostly -- in the U.S. and United Kingdom say data indicate that, contrary to those mainstream media stereotypes, "conspiracy theorists" appear to be more sane than people who accept official versions of controversial and contested events. The

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