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Changing in Times of Accelerating Change

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No man ever steps in the same river twice. For it is not the same river, and it is not the same man. There is nothing permanent except change. - Heraclitus It seems things change more than we think – way more and in more ways. Even when we’re aware of the underlying reality of constant change, we reference new changes by our memory and perception of old changes. And those were based on previous reference points. We seem to be judging change by points


The Evidence That Consciousness Creates Reality: Welcome To The Matrix

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Does consciousness creates reality and the material world? Before we answer this question, it’s important to first go into what the material world is actually composed of at a fundamental level. “Reality” is not simply made of tiny physical pieces, like a bunch of marbles or tiny little bowling balls. Molecules are made out of atoms, and atoms are made out of subatomic particles such as protons and electrons which are 99.99999% empty space and electrical spin. These are then made out of quarks, which then


Live Consciously: Why You Should Be Aware of Your Thoughts and Actions

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Why is it important to live consciously? How does one affect the world when he lives consciously? And why you should be aware of your thoughts and actions? Any situation in which the world is, it’s most likely to be the result of our thoughts and thus of our behaviors, which at the higher percentage are unconscious. The whole of humanity is something like a big brain, which processes the thoughts of all people and gives a result. Ralph Waldo Emerson called it a common


Cultivating Consciousness in an Unconscious World

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Politicians constantly evade the truth. Why can they get away with it? According to a recent study conducted at Harvard University, it’s because people have such terrible attention spans. Behavioral scientist Todd Rogers of the Harvard Kennedy School and Michael I. Norton of the Harvard Business School conducted a simple experiment to see when and whether people can detect a dodge. They recorded a speaker answering a question about universal health care (a controversial issue in the US). Then they attached the same answer to


Psychic Phenomena: Why Do Scientists Deny It?

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Even though films like ‘Inception’, ‘Waking Life‘ and more recently, ‘John Dies at the End’ and ‘Now You See Me’ wouldn’t be approachable without assuming the authenticity of unexplainable events, most people, including most scientists, are unaware of the vast abundance of compelling scientific evidence for psychic phenomena, which has resulted from over a century of para-psychological research. Thousands of archaeological finds also suggest the use of such phenomenon in prehistoric times. Hundreds of carefully controlled studies — in which psi researchers continuously redesigned experiments


Changing Your Destiny with Conscious Decision Making

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Feeling trapped is an unfortunate side effect of modern society. Many of us are a product of our past conditioning and negative thoughts. We tend to go through life making unconscious decisions or perhaps overthinking our choices. In today’s rapidly expanding world, conscious decision making is more important than ever. Change starts with individuals and spreads throughout the lifeline and on to society as a whole. It may be helpful to remind yourself: When I change, everything changes. 1. Be Aware of Thoughts Harnessing thoughts is critical


DNA Activation = Accelerated Spiritual Awakening!

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In the year 2012, human consciousness is undergoing a big shift towards higher consciousness. This shift is going to happen by the activation of cellular DNA. Dormant DNA activation level controls your frequency. Every time when a DNA strand is activated you download higher consciousness from the cosmos and attract people, places, and events of similar high frequency. Scientist and researcher Sheryl Kakshialansa say: “Junk DNA or dormant DNA activation is a tremendous gift to accelerate the spiritual awakening of collective consciousness on the planet.”


Have Mind Control Scientists Found the “Switch” To Turn Off Consciousness?

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A vast array of direct mind control techniques are being announced in the wake of investment from the government via the U.S. BRAIN project and Europe’s counterpart the Human Brain Project All told, billions of dollars are being spent to decide what makes us tick and how to change it. We are being given gadgets that create a brain-computer interface, magnetic manipulation via “neural dust,” high-powered lasers, using light beamed from outside the skull, the implanting and erasure of memories, and even the direct uploading


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