10 Essential Leadership Skills to Be the Person Everyone Wants to Follow

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What are the leadership skills that make someone a person everyone wants to follow? History is full of strong personalities who led countries and civilizations. People followed the rules established by them, carried their orders out, and even died for them. However, it wasn't about leadership. Fear of punishment and desire to stay afloat—that's what made crowds follow those headmen. Sure enough, these levers work—if you want to have your fortress or tomb. But they're futile if your goal is to assemble a team to

Feel Like Not Being Good Enough? Here Is What You Need to Remember

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Do you feel like you are not good enough? We all have good days and we all have bad days. When we're up, we never feel like it's going to end and when we're down, it feels like we're never going to recover. Although it can sometimes feel hard to believe, even when you feel the lowest of the low and when you feel you are not good enough, this is never the case and you're always going to bounce back. There are times our

5 Signs You Get Emotionally Attached To People Too Easily

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It’s important to have people in your life whom you can count on, but it becomes unhealthy when you get too emotionally attached to them. These are five warning signs to look out for when deciphering whether you get emotionally attached to others too easily. 1. Constantly checking your phone for messages. One surefire sign that someone is on your mind, a little too much, is constantly checking your phone in hopes that they have messaged you. If you notice yourself panicking when a friend

The Key to Prosperity: The Secret You Need to Know

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If talent, hard work, education, and drive were the only traits you needed to achieve prosperity, wouldn’t you be wealthy already? Wouldn’t more people enjoy lives of happiness and luxury? Clearly, there is something else that leads to prosperity, and this thing is a willingness to take risks that are based on a firm belief in one’s talents and ideas. Your Willingness to Take a Risk Indicates Your Level of Confidence Great entrepreneurs have quit jobs invested savings and relocated across the globe because they

A Mathematical Formula Predicts Whether Your Relationship Will Last

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Once upon a time, figuring out how to keep that special someone in your life took time, dedication, and a whole lot of trial and error events. Now, what if I told you that there was an actual mathematical formula behind all of these interactions that, in fact, predict whether your relationship will last or not? As fate would have it, a mathematician and a psychologist worked together to answer our questions and broke it down into a mathematical equation. Understanding Relationships Typically, relationships are a kind

4 Ways to Boost Your Confidence and Create Success

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Each us deserves to be comfortable in our own skin and have the confidence to pursue our dreams. Confidence does not mean seeing yourself as infallible or above others; it means accepting yourself for who you are and what you love; it’s trusting yourself enough to take risks in order to grow and reach your goals. We all have the potential for this type of confidence within us. By making a few small mindset changes and actions consistently, day by day, we can cultivate it.