7 Grandma’s Flu Remedies That Are Really Effective Against Cold

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An annoying cold is not life-threatening yet, is hard to cure. And sometimes, grandma's flu remedies are the best solution for it. A warm bowl of chicken soup is heaven-sent when you're in bed trying to nurse a cold. We explore why people prefer natural remedies to conventional medicine, and suggest a few that can stop sudden sneezes. Why Do People Prefer Natural Remedies for Colds and Flu to Modern Medicine? People haven't stopped turning to Paracetamol or antibiotics for flu relief. However, some people

4 Major Health Recommendations That Do More Harm Than Good

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There are some health recommendations we are actually doing wrong. We live in a society where concerns over health are a priority for many people. For this reason, we hear new health recommendations and tips every day. However, despite this intense focus on optimal wellness, as a society, we are getting sicker and sicker. Case in point: since 1980, worldwide obesity has doubled, and 39% of all those over 18 are now obese. If this wasn't enough, a similar pattern emerges with diabetes; there has

How to Make Homemade Honey Wraps to Get Rid of Cough and Mucus

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Want to get rid of cough naturally and don't know how? Try these amazing homemade honey wraps! For centuries, honey has been used for treating different conditions in alternative medicine around the globe. Other than taking honey orally, many alternative medicine experts know that it has a great influence on our organism even when used by applying it to our skin. One of the most powerful ways to use honey as a medicine is to use it to get rid of cough and mild cold.

16 Unexpected Benefits of Cold Showers You Didn’t Know about

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Did you know there were some amazing benefits of cold showers? You may look at someone who takes cold showers, especially in cold winters, as if they have lost their mind. The next time your loved one insists on a cold bath, try not to stop them. Cold showers have positive effects on your well-being and health, but so do hot ones. You may ask if you should take warm or cold baths. 16 reasons you should be taking a cold shower There may be

Honey and Cinnamon: How to Use This Powerful Combination

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Nature has a solution to all the problems. The natural remedies may fight out any disease when administered in the right proportion. Some natural ingredients work miraculously when used in combination while some others may have solo applications. Honey and cinnamon form a miracle combination that works wonders for your health if you know how to use! Health experts worldwide are bewildered due to the unlimited health benefits this magical mix has on offer. You can also be one amongst many who may have benefited or

How to Make DIY Natural Shower Bombs to Fight Cold and Flu

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The season of the cold and flu is in full swing. People are sneezing and coughing all over the place, there's no escape. And when you finally start suffering, why would you want to spend all of your money on an artificial remedy when you can make your own natural one at home? The ingredients and tools to make natural shower bombs are very simple, and you will end up with your own remedy for congestion, colds and flu! You can also make other types

How to Make a Powerful Healing Tea That Cures Lots of Ailments, Including Cold, Flu, Cramps and Diabetes

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Who doesn't already rely on a healthy, infused cup of healing tea to cure most things? We are all aware of the medicinal properties of tea, and that it has been used for medicinal purposes in a number of cultures for thousands of years. There are so many varieties of tea available all over the world, and every type of tea has its own benefits and purposes. In fact, there are almost as many types of tea as there are people on our planet. And

10 Incredibly Effective Health Tricks to Teach your Body

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With the medical knowledge we have today, you don't have to rely on medicines and doctors appointments to find a cure. From curing a headache to getting over a tickling throat before you even notice it get worse, you can train your own body into being healthy again with these awesome health tricks. It really can be that simple! 1. Curing a Tickling Throat This might sound crazy, but there is medical research to suggest that by scratching your ear you can relieve an itchy