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5 Common Beliefs about Caffeine Debunked

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Caffeine is a bitter substance that is commonly found in teas, colas, chocolate, nuts, certain medicinal drugs and of course, in your favorite coffee. Who doesn't love coffee? If you are a coffee drinker, then you know very well how your body reacts to coffee's active compound - caffeine. But did you know that there are a lot of myths and beliefs about caffeine that discourage people from taking it? Yes, it can be disturbing, especially if you believe that it can greatly ruin your

The Health Benefits of Coffee and Tea Compared – Infographic

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Your two favorites might be coffee and tea thanks to the health benefits they have to your body of course apart from some few disadvantages here and there. These drinks have Caffeine - a substance known to be the best for your brain as it improves your work output especially for tasks which are a bit straight forward. It also boosts creativity and retention something that can be very palatable for students. To cut the long story short, we have prepared a detailed comparison of

10 Warm Drinks with Alcohol You Should Try This Winter

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As the winter sets in, everyone is at their best to keep themselves warm throughout the chilly season. Apart from dressing warmly and staying indoors, there are also warm drinks that can provide the necessary heat for your body. Here are ten amazing warm drinks with alcohol you probably haven’t known of. Please keep in mind that this is meant for individuals over 21! 1. Chocolate infused with Cinnamon and enjoyed with wine When you blend chocolate together with cinnamon and wine, what do you

After Reading This, You Will Never Use Coffee Creamers Again!

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Many people fill up their cup of pure black filtered coffee with a coffee creamer instead of milk or cream because they think it's healthier. But this belief is totally untrue. Highly-processed non-dairy coffee creamers are definitely not better for you than natural dairy options; in fact, they are much worse. Coffee creamers became popular in the 1950s, and originally they just contained sugar and cream. However, as the years went by and creamer companies tried to save money by creating their product, coffee creamers

10 Foods That Knock Out Pain Now – Infographic

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If you live with chronic pain, you know that your quality of life suffers significantly. Even if your pain is not severe, it still interferes with every aspect of your life to some degree. Because of this, you have to use medications and other things to keep your pain at a more manageable level. However, sometimes the side effects that come with these treatments are just as bad as the pain itself. Believe it or not, there are actually certain foods that are effective in

Why You Should Never Drink Your Coffee Before 9 A.M. Again

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For years now we thought we understood coffee – when do drink it and how often to drink it. It's drug after all, and we should be fully aware of how and when to use it properly. If you are a late-riser or prefer to take your coffee when you get into work, rather than before, then you are a genius! If you drink it before 9 am, which most people do, then you have some retraining to do... If you want to get the best

Do You Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach? Here’s What It Does To Your Body

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It is indisputable that coffee is an important source of antioxidants with proven efficacy in the prevention of some malignant diseases, such as cancer of the colon. The antioxidant properties of the coffee are a result of the chlorine genic acid, which can also be found in fruits. Experts agree on these properties, but the impact of coffee can be very negative, especially when drunk on an empty stomach. Namely, one cup of pure black coffee on an empty stomach stimulates the secretion of the hydrochloric

5 Simple Tricks to Improve Your Day

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We all have those days where nothing goes right and a quick pick-me-up is needed, but there are also days where everything is fine. On those days, there are 5 simple tricks you can practice to improve your day, every day. 1. Tidy your space Whether it’s your workspace, living space or just your car, cleaning out one of the places you spend a lot of time and ensuring everything is organised can significantly improve your mood. The environments we control reflect our current state