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10 Best Home Remedies for Itchy Sunburn

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Itchy sunburn is a serious problem if you aren't careful, but there are some natural ways to treat it before you decide to go to the doctor. We all love the sun. It makes us happy. Laying out in the sun is relaxing, and can even be good for your health. But it can be too much, and indulging in the sun's rays for too long can lead to bad itchy sunburn, a terribly painful and dangerous condition. In an ideal world, if you do

Research Unveils the Healing Properties of Coconut Oil – It’s Incredible!

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Did you know that the coconut palm is one of the world’s most versatile natural medicines? As a matter of fact, it has been used in many indigenous cultures for a wide range of health complications for a very long time. It supports brain health, protects the heart and also reduces stress and depression. These are just a couple of the multiple healing properties coconut oil has. One research at the University of Tufts found something very interesting – coconut oil is highly effective in

Save Your Gums: 6 Natural Ways to Fight Gum Diseases

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Research has found that more than 75% of Americans have gum diseases. One of them is Gingivitis - a disease caused by bacteria that lead to inflammation of the gums. If gingivitis is left unattended, it can lead to periodontitis which is more severe. This can make the inner layer of the gum to pull away from the teeth. This article presents some natural ways to heal from such gum diseases. This way, you can keep gum health on your own not forgetting that you

13 Unexpected Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Health, Beauty and Home

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Coconut oil has become so popular and many thought it might just end up as a fad, however, it is sticking around because it has so many uses. It can be used in cooking, beauty, home, and healthcare. So we have collected 13 of the most unexpected uses for Coconut oil just right for you: 1. Use it for crazy hair You can use Coconut oil for a natural way to tame flyaway hair. Put a little oil in your palms and massage into your hair. Leave

6 Natural Solutions for Hair Loss You Can Try at Home

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It is no secret that grooming is becoming even more important, particularly with the rise in pop culture in our generation. That’s perhaps the reason why more and more emphasis is being given to hair beauty and reversing hair loss these days, even though natural solutions and methods are often neglected. With such trends, hair loss is becoming the number one enemy for many people out there. Nevertheless, there are still ways and natural solutions which can be used to mitigate hair loss in the

Coconut Oil Toothpaste Is Better Than Any

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Did you know that coconut is a very powerful plant that can kill bacteria responsible for teeth damaging? Irish scientists have tested coconut oil samples on Streptococcus mutans. This is bacteria that glues to our teeth and causes dental erosion. Coconut oil became the best tool for killing bacteria. Scientists consider that coconut oil should be the main ingredient in toothpaste and mouth rinsing liquids. This way our teeth will be more protected than before. Dental caries does not get the attention it should get.

Nutrition for the Mind’s Eye: Foods to Reactivate Your Pineal Gland

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The mind’s eye, scientifically known as the pineal gland, is considered to be the gateway to higher levels of consciousness. In case you weren't aware, the pineal gland is a small pine cone shaped endocrine gland in the brain that produces and secretes the hormone, melatonin. It is also believed that the pineal gland is responsible for the release of  Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Also known as the “third eye,” the pineal gland is believed to be the “principle seat of the soul,”  according to Descartes. As

10 Ways To Reduce Chemicals In Your Life with Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil might have been the most talked about oil in 2013, and newsflash: it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Are you trying to reduce harsh chemicals and toxins from your daily life? In terms of versatility, coconut oil is the ultimate win. From skincare and hair care to dietary benefits, investing in a good quality bottle of this super ingredient seems like a steal. Here are 10 ways to reduce chemicals and enhance your life with coconut oil: 1. As a Cleanser & Lotion