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Here Is Why Hydrogen Peroxide Is Probably the Most Useful Item In Your Home

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First of all, what is Hydrogen Peroxide? Simply, it's the only germicidal agent that is made up of water and oxygen. It is able to kill disease organism using only oxidation. This means it is the world's purest and safest sanitizer. When it oxidizes it is essentially burning the bad microorganisms in a controlled way, so it is non-toxic and is perfect for general use on things and on your body! Here are just some of the incredible benefits of using Hydrogen Peroxide: 1. Cuts


10 Things to Avoid to Make Your Life Better This Year

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January. As the kick-off month of a new year comes to its end, people bust out their new year’s resolutions in hopes of starting the year right. Fresh start. Clean slate. Since most resolutions are about the thing you SHOULD do, we flipped that and just listed down the things you should avoid to make your life better this year. 1. Leaving clean-up for the weekend The dirty plate on the sink, the spilled powder on the counter, the used clothes piled in the corner


These People Are Helping The Homeless In The Most Awesome Way!

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Movement gives dignity to homeless by washing their clothes In Huntington Beach, California, a group has come together to help the area´s homeless by washing their clothes for them. The so-called Laundry Love movement started ten years ago and allows people to start a ´chapter´in their own neighborhood. There are now over 100 chapters around the country, both religious and non-religious. Huntington Beach chapter founder Christian Kassoff says: “When I first heard of the idea, I thought I could do it. It didn´t seem intimidating.”


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