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9 Life Skills You Don’t Learn in School (and You Probably Should)

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They say that you learn the most important life skills outside of the classroom. School can be great for learning maths and English, but children need much more than that to become happy and successful adults. These life skills are crucial for every individual, and it’s a great idea to teach them from an early age. 1. How to be independent. Learning to do things for yourself is one of the most important life skills you can learn. Knowing you can stand on your own


Illustrations Capture What Adulthood Is Really All about

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These illustrations capture in a funny way what adulthood is actually like. They might make you remember the transition from your childhood years. While we are young, we strive to achieve the things we dream of. Almost every young person dreams of being out there with the great ones. We put enormous amounts of energy into that task and do not stop until we get what we want. We go to college, work odd jobs, make the impossible possible, but in all that chaos we


Daddy Spends 18 Months to Create an Incredible Fairy Tree in His Daughter’s Bedroom

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It is certainly a dream of every girl, or rather many, to have some sort of a fairy tree in her bedroom. Well, Reddit user Radamshome went against the odds and decided to actualize his daughter’s dream. The project cost was a whopping $4250 and it took an unimaginable 350 hours for a period of 18 months to complete! Amazing, right? What’s even more amazing is that the fairy tree is so strong, it can support up to three grown-ups! Talk of taking the father-daughter


4 Ways to Make Sure Your Kids Eat a Healthy Lunch at School

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Our kids are at school for more of the waking hours than they are at home. Because of that, we as parents should ensure that they eat a healthy lunch and get the nutrition and fuel they need to be able to focus, learn and be active to meet the needs of the school day. The trouble is, how do you know what to pack in their lunch to achieve that goal? This article will serve as a guide to help parents pack a healthy


Drugs and Family: Getting over Addiction for Your Kids

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When you think of drugs and family, your thoughts probably instantly go to teenagers with shady friends and rebellious behaviors. The last thing that comes to mind is a mom with a drug problem. If an expectant mother has a drug problem, it's usually discovered by her doctor quickly during prenatal visits. Hopefully, she'll get help dealing with her addiction for the safety of her unborn child. However, some moms start doing drugs after they have children. Why Would a Mom Do Drugs? The Caron Treatment Centers


How To Find Relationship Happiness

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While marriage and relationship happiness may not be the first priority for everyone, for many people, that is the ideal outcome. These things are part of the major steps in life. Your first major steps came when you took your first steps. Then you graduated high school, maybe even graduated college, and hopefully followed that with your dream career. These life steps don't always happen in a particular order. Maybe you meet the perfect man, have the baby, then get married. Maybe you buy the house after


Natural Remedies for ADHD: How to Treat Attention Deficit Disorder Without Medication

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Unfortunately, we are in the day and age where more people, usually children, are being diagnosed with ADHD. Let's talk about natural remedies for ADHD. ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. With the ever-rising diagnoses comes more medication prescriptions. According to the CDC, 11% of children were diagnosed with ADHD in 2011. From 2003 to 2011 there was a 5% increase in diagnoses each year. Rightfully, many parents are concerned with putting their children on meds. Especially since the main prescription, Ritalin, has some


5 Amazing Things Children Can Teach Us

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Children view life and the world as utopian perfection, were all problems can and should be easily solved. This concept of perfection is gradually degraded as we age and for good reason – life isn’t perfect. But this aim of perfection holds not only beauty in its innocence but a positive outlook and a sense of wonder that is not restricted by dogma or simply what has been before. This open-minded approach to life is something that would benefit adults in many aspects of life.


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