15 Signs Your Body Has Too High Acidity Levels and How to Fix It

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In this article, you will learn how to recognize if your body has too high acidity levels. Does your body feel as though it is a chemistry accident waiting to happen? Do you feel unnecessarily tired, or have a palpitating heart? If your answer to these questions is yes, there may be high acidity levels in your body fluids. This condition is a definite cause for concern; it has various unhealthy consequences. Your body sends out signals if it is acidic, and it is up

Why a Broken Heart Can Really Break Your Heart, Study Shows

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Most people have heard the saying: A broken heart or My heart is broken. It's a common phrase that people use to describe how they feel emotionally when they have been emotionally hurt, lost someone or suffered something. It happens to everyone at least once in their life when a relationship breaks up or you lose someone you love. But where does it come from? For a while now, researchers have been working to find out if the pain we feel on the inside (what feels

Why Heavy Metal Detox Therapy Could Help Prevent Heart Disease?

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Maybe you know someone who has suffered a heart attack. You're concerned about their well-being, particularly if they're diabetic or suffered a large heart attack. You want to make sure that absolutely everything that can help this loved one stay healthy and alive is discussed with their doctors. Odds are very high, however, that there's one promising therapy the doctor won't tell them about: chelation therapy. Chelation therapy was designed decades ago to trap and remove serious environmental toxins like arsenic. While using it, some