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Crossing Your Legs Is Bad for You: What Happens to Your Body When You Sit This Way

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Crossing your legs while sitting in a very common yet quite an unhealthy pose. It became an automatic pose that we take almost immediately after we sit. Many women sit in this pose because they think that it is sexy, elegant or feminine. On the other hand, men sit in this position differently, with the legs wide open and with their feet facing out. Even though it comes automatically to us, or it’s a matter of habit, this pose is quite unhealthy. Furthermore, it can


How to Recognize Early Signs of Circulation Problems (Which Are Common Even in Young People)

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The symptoms of blood circulation problems may have several different causes. Most often causes are the thickening and hardening of the arteries and the peripheral arterial disease. Nowadays, poor blood circulation appears to thrive. Especially among the young people. This comes as a surprise because it was believed that poor blood circulation is a condition typical for older people. Young people often develop the unhealthy eating habits and the lack of any physical activity. This plays a key role in the appearance of the blood


Silent Signs of Clogged Arteries and What to Do to Unclog Them

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It is important to familiarize yourself with the symptoms of clogged arteries, which are a common cause of heart attack. Prevention of heart disease becomes the primary goal of world health organizations and every human on this planet. Prevention of heart disease actually prevents having a heart attack or any other serious heart illness. Studies have shown that up to 80% of heart attacks can be prevented by adopting a new and healthy lifestyle habits. Changing the lifestyle should be considered before any problems arise,


10 Health Warnings from Your Fingernails

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We aren't told to check our fingernails in the way we are urged to check our breasts for cancer or examine our poop for clues, but it's time to start paying attention to our nails. Believe it or not, your nails may suffer from problems that could indicate a bigger problem with your health, so it's time to take a look at your nails more closely... If you have any of these warning signs then it's time to make a change and see your doctor:


Start Your Day with This Amazing Showering Technique and Stay Energised All Day

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Forget sleepy mornings drooped over your desk or impromptu early naps on the train, it's time to break the habits of your tiresome workday with a showering technique you will be amazed by. Believe it or not, the average adult spends 4,000 hours of their life showering. And, therefore, most people think they know how to do it: you turn the hot water on, scrub a little, wash your hair and relevant parts, stand there a little bit longer, and then force yourself to get