Adult Acne: Who Is Affected, What Causes It and How to Deal with It

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Adult acne is particularly frustrating for its sufferers, who fantasized about the freedom of clear skin in their 20s and their reality seems to be something completely different. Coming out of your teens, one thing everyone looks forward to is the regulation of hormones and escaping acne-prone skin. The horrors of waking up in the morning to a big, red, unwelcome guest should be a thing of the past. But for some, the breakouts just keep breaking and this is called adult acne. Try as

How to Get Rid of Blackheads Fast with This Simple Home Remedy

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You may have tried every method there is to get rid of blackheads and have ended up disappointed. Here is a perfect natural solution for you to try out. Are blackheads driving you crazy? Well, you are not alone as many people have faced this problem at one point or another. Blackheads occur when pores become clogged with oil from sebaceous glands, dirt and skin cells. They are most common in adolescents due to the increase of oil produced by glands under the skin which