5 Reasons You Should Be Hanging Out with People Who Are Different from You

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Hanging out with people who have different perspectives will help you to discover new things and attune to new world views. Tolerance. Many people leave this word out of their vocabulary. Peace would replace the current chaos in the world if they did not. Clashing ideologies add to the global tension, almost daily. People are unable to accept other viewpoints and often try to force their belief systems on others. They have a desperate need to make these systems means of control. It is this

5 Beliefs that Prevent You from Living your Best Life

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Everyone wants to live life to the fullest, in fact, that its what life is all about. We are here to experience life to it’s fullest potential – the highs, the lows and everything else in between. Many of us, however, are shortchanging ourselves by believing certain values or constraints. These beliefs hold us back and prevent us from living our best life. The top 7 beliefs that prevent us from living our best life include: 1. It’s Not Important to Love Yourself: Loving yourself

9 Ways to Smash Your Limiting Beliefs Once and for All

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We are constantly making excuses for why we fail, and we refuse to try. This is called having limiting beliefs or denying full potential. Thoughts are powerful and if you retain a strong wish or desire, over time it becomes reality. In other words, you become what you think. Say the word, the one which is aligned with your positive thoughts and watch the universe manifest your wishes. Limiting beliefs work in much the opposite way, in that they hinder progress. You can speak negative