How to Reduce the Bad Effects of Greenhouse Gases to the Environment

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The greenhouse effect, the primary cause of global warming, is the increase in global temperature due to greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas includes Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Nitrous Oxide, and Methane. Burning fuels such as natural gas, coal, gasoline, etc. increase the level of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide, which is the main contributor to the greenhouse effect and global warming, should be reduced to a greater extent. Reducing the greenhouse effect is not that big deal, and the only thing we need

How To Make A New Planet Home

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New Planet - Three simple steps for an intergalactic exit plan The recipe for creating a habitable planet turns out to be surprisingly simple: Just add water—and atmospheric gases. Mars has both, relics from four billion years ago when the planet was warm and wet. “When it comes to Mars, and only Mars, the notion of terraforming is no longer in the realm of science fiction,” says NASA astrobiologist, Chris McKay. Humans could warm the planet and restore a thick atmosphere in a matter of