Honey and Cinnamon: How to Use This Powerful Combination to Treat Various Health Issues

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Nature has a solution to all the problems. The natural remedies may fight out any disease when administered in the right proportion. Some natural ingredients work miraculously when used in combination while some others may have solo applications. Honey and cinnamon form a miracle combination that works wonders for your health if you know how to use! Health experts worldwide are bewildered due to the unlimited health benefits this magical mix

15 Healing Herbal Teas for Any Ailment

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These days, herbal teas are becoming just as popular as coffe is, and they are a lot healthier for you too! You might have noticed the increase in teahouses opening in your area, and it's not just a standard milk with 2 sugars. More and more people are replacing their daily coffee fix with a cup of tea. Here are 15 herbal teas that have beneficial health proterties. 1. Green

Different Types of Gout: What You Need to Know about the Causes, Symtoms and Treatment

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You’ve likely heard the term “gout”, but do you know what it is, and what to do about it? Gout is actually a very painful type of arthritis. In order to alleviate the pain of this condition, it must be treated, either by a doctor or by using one of many home remedies. There are different types of gout, and it can be acute or chronic. In most cases, gout occurs

Celery Seed: Lifting Flavour and Lowering Blood Pressure

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Who doesn’t love celery? It adds a crunchy texture to salads, and aromatic intensity of flavor to all kinds of soups and stews. But there’s another way to deliver that spicy flavor, with even more intensity and to a much wider range of foods. It’s celery seed, a spice that’s easily available but sadly under-used. The spice with the misleading name. It seems reasonable to assume that celery seed is

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