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8 Signs That You Were Born to Travel the World

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Not everyone wants to travel the world. We all know that. Some people prefer the comforts of home and to dabble in travel every once in a while in the form of a two-week holiday. While others prefer the long-term exploration, almost like seeing the world was their destiny. And maybe it was... Here are eight signs why you could be born to travel the world: 1. You Are Socially Comfortable A sign that you are a great traveler is that you can make friends with


4 Ways To Have An Adventurous Life (Without Going Anywhere!)

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Don’t we all want some form of an adventurous life? This could mean a luxurious hotel in Vegas, new hiking trails somewhere nearby, a dirty hostel in Berlin, the amusement park in the next town over, or even trying a new restaurant. This past weekend, I took a road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Nothing ground-breaking happened with the logistics or location, but the trip was majorly ground-breaking for my psyche. Having an adventure shifted my perspective enough to appreciate home while inspiring