10 Superpowers All Women Have, According to Science

///10 Superpowers All Women Have, According to Science

Superpowers All Women Have

You may be surprised if you learn what superpowers all women have.

Women are misunderstood; the saying, “men are from venue and women are from mars” rings true but in a good way.

All women possess countless abilities that only now do we understand fully.

10. Women can spot cheaters immediately

Women can spot a cheating man just by looking at his face, no joke. A study, which was undertaken by an Australian University asked thirty-four women to look at numerous photographs of men and were asked to identify who they believed were unfaithful. The participants had a success rate of 62%. The women were asked to explain what they based their decisions on, and they seemed to base the decision on how masculine the man looked and not how handsome the man was.

9. Women see more colors

Women apparently can see differences in color more than men can. A scientist Israel Abramov has studied this idea for years and found that men see objects moving across their line of sight better than women. However, he found that women were better at seeing very subtle differences in color. He believes that women developed this ability because women would pick out what vegetation they could eat whilst the men went out to hunt.

8. Morning sickness

For most pregnant women they wish they didn’t suffer from morning sickness, but it is actually a good thing. Morning sickness is said to protect the mother and baby from parasites found in food such as meat, fish, and poultry. Morning sickness is more prevalent in the early stages of pregnancy when the fetus is at most risk and tapers off during the later stages of pregnancy.

7. Obstetrical Orgasms

A study, which interviewed over 900 midwives found that out of 200,000 births, over 668 women experienced an orgasm whilst giving birth. This isn’t really surprising given the process of childbirth can stimulate the erogenous zones. However, according to the scientist who conducted the study, some women are just lucky and feel no pain and others not so much.

6. Stress creates empathy

Apparently, all women thrive on stress. According to a study published in 2014, women reach out to people when they are under stress whereas men become more selfish. The study offered up two reasons as to the results. One is that all women want to socialize with others as they may want help in sorting out the thing that is causing them stress. The other solution could be done to hormones, whereby high levels of Oxytocin may inadvertently force them to be more sociable.

5. Strong immune system

Women are known to have stronger immune systems than men.  This has been put down to significant biological differences between the sexes. Women apparently have more microRNA, which can lead to a stronger immune system, this can inhibit cancer growth.

4. Tears can turn a man off

When a woman cries in front of a man her tears, or her emotion can reduce levels of testosterone, and therefore turn a man off. Fascinatingly this comes from evolution. A woman is usually more emotional during the period where she is least fertile, and therefore not of interest to the man as she is not at the point where she can  reproduce.

3. Enhanced intuition

According to a study undertaken at the University of Toronto, ovulating women were able to determine a man’s sexual orientation more successfully than non-ovulating women. They discovered the more fertile the woman was, the more accurate she was at identifying gay or straight men.

2. Enhanced sense of danger

All women in the post-ovulation stage of their cycle are excellent at sensing danger. A study undertaken in a Japanese University tested women by asking them to spot snakes hidden in photographs. They concluded that post ovulation there is an increased amount of progesterone and cortisol in the body, which plays a big role in heightening a woman’s danger detecting ability.

1. Queens of multitasking

It is official; women are better at multitasking than men. A study undertaken in the UK consisted of two experiments testing men against women. The results indicated that women performed faster and were more methodical.

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10 Superpowers All Women Have, According to Science

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