Forget sleepy mornings drooped over your desk or impromptu early naps on the train, it’s time to break the habits of your tiresome workday with a showering technique you will be amazed by.

Believe it or not, the average adult spends 4,000 hours of their life showering.

And, therefore, most people think they know how to do it:

you turn the hot water on, scrub a little, wash your hair and relevant parts, stand there a little bit longer, and then force yourself to get out of the glorious warmth and into the cold bathroom. Well, it turns out this isn’t actually how you should be showering.

A hot shower doesn’t wake you up, it actually has the opposite effect. Hot showers are for people that can’t sleep, so no wonder after your morning shower you find yourself asleep again on the train.

And to add to this, when you step out of your hot shower and into your cool bathroom your body temperature suddenly drops – this causes your body and mind to relax. Again, not a great start to a busy day that requires lots of energy.

If you really want to have an energizing shower to kick-start your day, then you need to change the way you shower, and here’s how:

When you have completed all of the above ordinary showering, washing, cleaning, and standing, turn your shower to the coldest setting and stand under the cold water for about 30 seconds. You can scream if you like, you may need to.

Next, turn up the water as hot as you can cope with for another 30 seconds, this opens up your capillaries, increases blood flow and provides a sense of stimulation.

Finally, for another 30 seconds, switch it back to the coldest, iciest temperature your shower has to offer and then you can get out.

What you have actually done is used an ancient therapy called Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy.

And it can have some incredible effects, as well as helping you to stay away at work, such as:

1. Reducing your stress levels – the icy and hot water increases your tolerance and hardening to stress.

2. Improving your immune system – in an attempt to warm up your body releases more disease-combating white blood cells.

3. Increasing blood circulation – when we expose our body to cold water our arteries and veins constrict, this tightening allows blood to flow at a higher pressure.

4. Helping to burn fat – the cold results in the creation of brown fat cells, which create warmth but burn energy and keep you trim.

5. Tackling depression – the shower technique stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and increases beta-endorphin levels in your blood, making you happier.

It can be hard to do at first, but persist with this simple technique to transform your shower and see some unbelievable results.

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