Speed dating questions aim to quickly find the things you have in common with another person. For this reason, it’s important to ask the right questions.

There’s something especially charming and thrilling about speed dating. The settings, the quick interactions and the knowledge that you’re all there for the same purpose can certainly enhance the communication. Asking the right speed dating questions can help you make the most of it.

If you like speed dating, you’re not alone. Research suggests that you can indeed “click” with someone in as little as four minutes. To enjoy this opportunity, however, you’ll have to avoid some of the beginner mistakes like trying to talk too much.

Asking the right speed dating questions is crucial, especially if you want to get meaningful information out of the person you’re seeing. The following suggestions will help you make the most of your speed dating experience.

1. Favorite Books and Movies

You can learn a lot about a person from their interest in art and literature. This is one of the reasons why questions about favorite books and movies are equally important in the worlds of speed dating and online dating.

The aim of speed dating questions is to quickly discover the things you have in common with another person. Books, movies, and music are an easy starting point. If you discover such commonalities, the conversation and the chemistry can quickly progress from there.

2. What Are You Looking for in a Relationship?

Cut to the chase and don’t waste your time with small talk. You have a very narrow window of opportunity to make sure that the other person shares values and beliefs similar to yours. This is why direct and forward questions are perfectly acceptable in speed dating settings.

If you want to get married and have kids in the near future, there’s really no point wasting your time with someone who’s currently into casual flings. Asking this question will eliminate the prospects that don’t have a similar dating outlook.

This way, both of you can continue searching for a partner that has the same view on life and building a relationship. While statistics suggest that speed dating usually attracts people looking for long-term commitment, you can’t be sure until you ask. Don’t be afraid to get into intimate, personal questions.

3. What Are You Most Proud of in Your Life?

Inquire about the things that make the other person feel accomplished and fulfilled. Through such an inquiry, you can once again learn a lot about values and beliefs.

Some people find a sense of accomplishment in their career. Other focus on building meaningful relationships, improving their community and helping those in need. Still, others will have more materialistic, even shallow goals in life.

If you are interested in long-term romantic prospects, you have to align yourself with someone that has a similar view on life.

4. If You Had to Be Someone Else for a Day, Who Would You Be?

It’s not a good idea to grill your date throughout the few minutes that you have together. Throwing a fun question in the mix can help you both relax a little bit, test your imaginations and even act somewhat silly.

While this question isn’t going to reveal a ton of important information, it can give you a glimpse into the way your date’s brain works. Are they creative, do they have a good sense of humor and quick wit?

These are definitely speed dating questions you’d like to have answered.

5. What Are Your Biggest Deal Breakers?

Again, this is a critical question that will show you the dating patterns and preferences of a person you’re meeting for the first time. Knowing what their deal breakers are will leave no room for error in the future if you decide to pursue something with the respective individual.

The question also shows you how well aligned romantically the two of you are. You can also learn a bit about the individual’s past from this question. Deal breakers are usually formed on the basis of past experiences and disappointments.

You don’t have to immediately ask about past relationships to get some information about how they progressed and why they ended.

6. If You Could Live Anywhere in the World, Where Would You Go?

A question that can be interchanged with another similar inquiry to help you gain some insight into the way your date’s brain works. It’s very a common question for the first date as well.

You can also learn a bit more about whether they’ve traveled, whether they like to travel at all and if they’re open to exploring the world. If you are a person who’s adventurous and who loves going to new places, chances are that you wouldn’t be particularly happy with someone who feels satisfied enough spending time at home.

Finally, remember there isn’t a universal list of speed dating questions to ask. Think about the information that matters the most to you and the ways in which you decide about the future with someone.

If you need to, draft a quick list of questions to take to the speed dating event. Putting some thought in the process in advance will help you relax, learn about some fun new people and potentially meet a suitable match.

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