Did you know that there are some brilliant small room ideas you can use to save some space in your house even if you live in a very small one?

Well, if you doubt it, then we have compiled some small room ideas that can help you spare some space for you to stretch up.

1. Over-the-Sink Cutting Board


First, you must try this clever design! We are talking about using an over the sink cutting board. This is a very smart product that lets you utilize the sink while cutting the veggies whilst also using it as a draining bowl for rinsing whatever you are chopping.

2. Make Good Use of Your Cupboards


Wondering how to stretch your cupboard use to the limit? Well, you can simply place some hangers on the inside and use them to store your measuring utensils. It gets even better.

You can also use the inside of your board as a chalkboard where you can write some measuring equivalents that will, in turn, speed up your cooking. The towel racks and hooks in your cupboard can also provide a place to hold your kitchen tools including the small pans and pots.

3. Use Dishwasher Drawers


Instead of incorporating a full dishwasher that can kill a lot of space, you can consider using dishwasher drawers in your existing cabinets.

As a matter of fact, the dishwasher drawers take up less space given that you can run one drawer at a time, or you can choose to run both drawers.

4. Use a Wooden Couch Arm Wrap


If you do not have enough space to add a table to your living room, you can get a designed wooden arm that sits on the arm of your sofa then simply use it as a table.

5. Use a Folding Cheese Grater


Instead of using the flat cheese graters that require a lot of space to store, you can opt to go for a square grater which can even fit under the folded colander.

6. Use Ottomans to Store Your Shoes


For the storage of your shoes, you can use the ottomans keeping in mind that ottomans offer storage in plain sight. You can even go as far as purchasing the one with a guest bed built in if you have some bit of space but still, there are also overstock designs for those in studio apartments.

7. Get an Improvised Balcony


If you live in a small house that you wish was bigger, then you can get a folding balcony that will surely open up some space. With the Bloomframe, you will just be adding a new window that folds up into a glass balcony when you want to enjoy the sun.

For those who have a balcony but with limited space, you can use the balkonzept from Rephorm Haus. It is a simple plastic design that you can attach to your railing not to mention that it comes with a pretty cool table and a bucket.

8. Use Shower Rings with Hooks


To make the most use of your bathroom space, you can use the shower rings with hooks from Quirky and use them for a lot of purposes. For instance, if you do not have a towel rack, you can use them to hang your towels.

Remember, you should never cease to be innovative especially if you are looking to save up space. Just try these small room ideas and see how much these save you some time and space.


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