Men and women differ when it comes to their sex dreams. Also, there are common ones that you can interpret in an interesting way.

Sex. It is a cheeky, romantic subject. You would probably know that it makes you lose yourself. But it turns out that sex is more than romance; it is scientifically proven to de-stress you. A new study suggests that it makes people uninhibited.

Scientists Confirm That Sex Puts Us in a Dreamlike State

Researcher Adam Safron and his team wanted people to stop viewing sex as just romantic; it is an altered state of consciousness that can lead a person to value his partner. A scientific viewpoint may also keep sex fascinating.

The study, which you can find in the journal Socioaffective Neuroscience and Psychology, suggests that sex is meditative. The research compares sexual rhythms to the calming effect of pushing someone on a swing. Sex causes the neurons in your brain to vibrate at the same frequency as your partner’s.

Antonio’s team discovered that the body rhythms associated with sex could help people to take pleasure in it. They will also be conscious of how to be better lovers.

How Men and Women Have Different Kinds of Dreams about Sex

In another 2007 study, a team headed by the University of Montreal’s Antonio Zedra examined the habits of 3500 men and women. They poured over the dreams of both sexes. The most common dream activity was intercourse. Participants also dreamt about sexual propositions, masturbation, and kissing.

The study found that men and women experience sexual activity in different ways. Multiple partners were twice as likely to surface in male dreams. They were also less likely to dream about sex with current or past lovers than women. Men also tended to fantasize that the other participant experienced orgasms, while women tended to imagine that they did so.

Zadra attributes this to different sleep and waking needs. The research also points out that if women thought more about sex, they would have enjoyable sexual encounters.

7 Common Sex Dreams and What They Mean

Nevertheless, there are a few dreams about sex that men and women have in common. Here is what they could mean.

1. Dreams about Sex with An Ex

If you have a vivid dream about your ex, it does not mean that you are raring to get back together with him or her. You may still be processing unresolved emotions. If you are with a new beau, you may be worried that the same problems would resurface in your relationship.

Pay attention to the nature of the sexual experience. If you have a “hot” fantasy, only to discover girls hiding beneath your bed, you may be disliking your ex for keeping secrets from you.

2. Incest

Incestuous dreams are, by far, the most disturbing. Note that if you struggled with such abuse, you should seek professional help.

That said, such dreams are not usually insidious. If you dreamt of having sex with a parent, you might have issues transitioning into adulthood. Sex with a family member can also indicate the need for forgiveness or mending rifts.

3. Homosexual Dreams

Contrary to what you may believe, a fantasy of sex with someone of the same gender does not have negative connotations. It just means that there are parts of yourself that you must learn to love. It may also mean that you need to mend a rift with the person in your dreams. Also, he or she may have a quality that you wish to emulate.

4. Celebrity Sex

Your fantasies about Channing Tatum or Tom Cruise may hold more meaning than you think. Dreaming of sex with a celebrity may mean that you desire recognition, fame or fortune. You may wish to elevate your social status.

5. Sex with a Stranger

Psychologist Carl Jung once said that every person has an animus or anima. The former refers to the male energy of a female while the latter is about feminine energy in men. Sex with a stranger speaks of the state of your animus or anima. It is about balancing the male and female aspects of yourself and is a hallmark of personal growth.

6. Cheating

Do not feel mortified if you dream of cheating on or being cheated on by your partner. The dream merely signifies that there are insecurities about your relationship that you need to address.

7. Sex with Your Friend’s Partner

There is no need to be guilt-ridden over this. It only means that your friend’s partner may have a quality that you admire, and are looking for in future mates.

Do not feel guilty the next time you have a sex dream, but do take the time to find out what it may mean for you.


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