The Sea Organ which Generates Some Musical Sounds out of Nature

The City of Zadar is the 5th biggest city in Croatia with one of the best economies in the country today. Perhaps the reason why the city is one of the greatest tourist attractions today is all thanks to the work of people like Nikola Basic.

He is one coveted architect in this part of the world with a rapidly growing reputation that is all thanks to his creative mind! During the reconstruction of the city after the Second World War, the seafront was turned into an unbroken concrete wall.

He got bored with the whole idea and in 2005, he decided to propose something ‘crazy’. He had seen a chance to give people something to be happy and fascinated by building a sea organ that interacts with waves to create random harmonic sounds.

And the result? The Sea Organ is able to generate some musical sounds out of nature! The famous and genius piece of art and architecture is made out of a set of 35 organ pipes installed in the town’s marble stairs that descend into the sea thus converting waves into rhythmic music.

The sea organ is 230-foot-long with each step having five organ pipes that are tuned to different musical chords. The pipes are also connected through a series of narrow channels that deliver a reaction based on the waves and the wind.

This is how the organ works: first, the 35 organ pipes are attached to tunnels that are connected to the frank of a central service channel.

Once the air is blown into each pipe, it is then pushed by a column of wave-moved water through a plastic tube immersed into the water.

The sound is transmitted to the surrounding through apertures in vertical planes of the uppermost stairs. The recurring process involving these groups of pipes is turned into musically rhythmic cords. Genius, right?

Not only do locals and tourists love Basic’s idea, but the international community also adores the design as well. In 2006 for example, he was awarded the 2006 European Prize for Urban Public Space.

In fact, not many people can argue that he even deserves more recognition for what he has done!



Image Credits ©: Tim Ertl

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