This inspired Singaporean school principal will let you amazed.

The school headmaster might be a scary figure when you are in primary school but a Singaporean school principal has made steps to change that misconception by sending out an incredibly inspirational letter to parents regarding their children before the exam season begins.

He set about trying to shift the emphasis from criticism to confidence from both the parents and the school itself.

In a time where the pressure to score perfect marks on an exam is becoming more and more important, this letter was a refreshing change. The letter challenged the idea that the only path to success was through being a high academic achiever.

The school principal asked parents to build their child’s confidence instead of focusing on their failures or a low-test score. The letter also encourages parents to perhaps understand that their child may not go to university but instead be creative in the form of artists or entrepreneurs.

The letter came from the school principal showing that this is something that the entire school is looking to adhere to and not just one individual teacher.

This letter is not the first of its kind, teachers around the world have also been sending their students letters before big examinations to reassure them that whatever the score they are still successful and competent students.

Self-confidence and high self-esteem are so important in children because it will impact their entire lives and not just in education. It impacts the way your child acts every single day. If a child has good self-esteem they will find it much easier to deal with peer pressure, which is so important for when they get older.

Children with high self-esteem also can cope with challenges better and can deal with strong emotions better.

If your children receive praise for not only academic successes it will increase their self-esteem and actually make them happier. When children have high self-esteem and confidence they often have more energy to deal with whatever is thrown at them and helps them develop better relationships.

Confidence and self-esteem can also make them perform better, as the letter suggests praising your children even if they don’t receive the exam result they wanted. Praise itself increases confidence, which often helps overcome obstacles.

If your child is self-confident, it will help them in social situations and meet new people, something they will do a lot in school. If they have good self-esteem they will not need to rely on anyone’s judgment and will socialize without fear of rejection.

The energy that a confident child creates is infectious and people will want to be around them. The letter itself highlighted just how important high self-esteem and confidence are in children.

school principal in singapore powerful message

Here are some tips to help increase your child’s self-esteem:

  • Encourage them to pursue their own interests fully
  • It’s a great idea to encourage your child to take on a task, which could be anything from swimming to video game levels, it’s important to encourage them to stick with it.
  • Don’t lose sleep
  • It’s often easy to get too stressed about your child, which may end up projecting onto them. Encourage, praise, and love your child.



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