Modern living operates at a ruthless pace. There are some meditation and relaxation apps that can help you chill out and deal with your hectic lifestyle.

As we grow ever more connected, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to switch off and disconnect from our daily working grinds. Whereas work used to be confined to the office, it’s now following you home and making itself known via alerts and push notifications on your smartphone, as well as late-night emails lurking insidiously in your mailbox. This, in turn, has made it harder to relax. Fortunately, technology has also brought us some relaxation apps that can help us cope with stress and mental burnout.

A study in 2012 found that up to 80 percent of Americans spend time checking emails and answering phone calls after hours. This cuts significantly into socializing and leisure time, both of which are crucial for recharging and returning to work fresh and with a clear mind.

The consequence of this is that depression, anxiety, and burnouts are becoming more and more frequent.

But if the internet has helped foster the problem, it can also help solve it. There have been a large number of relaxation apps developed specifically to help you with different mental issues if they should arise. We recommend these ones in particular:

1. Headspace

Working on the premise that meditation can help you stress less, decrease anxiety, focus more, sleep better and improve your overall wellbeing, Headspace is an app which guides you through a number of different meditations. They offer a free 10-day beginner program which helps you with the basics of meditation and gives you a foundation on which to base future and more complex practices.

Users who subscribe will have access to hundreds of different types of meditation that work on everything from stress to sleep. If you’re worried that you don’t have time to meditate, don’t fret – Headspace meditations range in length from a few minutes to the higher end of the spectrum at 20, meaning you can find meditation to fit you regardless of your lifestyle.

2. Sleep Cycle

One of the most prominent symptoms of burnout is a lack of sleep. It, therefore, makes sense that taking care of sleep is one of the easiest ways to prevent one. Sleep Cycle is an app that lets you get more and better sleep by analyzing your sleep and providing you with the data to determine when you were sleeping most deeply and when you were most fitful.

It helps you to visualize your sleep cycles and also has a feature that will wake you up at the optimal time based on your natural circadian rhythms to ensure that you feel less groggy throughout the day.

3. HelloMind

When it comes to stress and psychological problems, understanding the root cause is imperative to find a solution. HelloMind utilizes Result Drive Hypnosis, a form of treatment developed by Danish hypnotherapist Jacob Strachotta, to make this happen.

There are a number of different treatments – split into 10 sessions of around 30 minutes each – that are geared around eliminating a negative thought pattern or getting over a specific problem.

This includes treatments for phobias, a lack of self-esteem, relief from stress or panic, or merely just the pursuit of relaxation. All the user needs is a pair of headphones and the app and they’ll be able to listen to the session whenever they have time.

4. Inner Balance

Modern lifestyle sped up the way in which we work and conduct business. This means that some tasks can be done quickly and easily with a specialist company rather than struggling with them yourself, allowing you more downtime than you would have normally had. Likewise, you can manage stress and achieve inner peace easier with the help of an app.

Inner Balance is one of those relaxation apps that aim to improve, well, your inner balance. By entering how you’re feeling at a specific point a couple of times a day, the app will assist you with stress management, improving your mental focus, reducing fatigue, improving coordination and reaction times as well as monitoring your heart rate.

It’s a holistic approach to wellness that Inner Balance achieves effortlessly.

5. Pacifia

If you’re an anxious person that needs help calming down, then Pacifia is the way to go. The app lets you rate and track your mood over time, and provides suggestions to help soothe your anxiety or stress. These suggestions include guided deep breathing, muscle relaxation exercises as well as guided self-help paths such as cognitive behavioral therapy designed by psychologists.

The app also connects you with like-minded individuals and allows you to be part of a peer support community where you can share stories and advice.

These are just some of the great relaxation apps available. Do you use some other app which helps you relax and is not featured here? Please share it with us in the comments below.

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