With our daylight hours getting a little longer each day thanks to Daylight Savings, we are often reminded how much we need to accomplish in a day. Having a loaded plate works for some, heck some people even work better under extreme deadlines, most of us through, we lock up during these times. Instead of trying to find ways to be more productive by doing more, you may be loading up on tasks that are sapping your energy and end up making you less productive overall.

Which one of these are you guilty of? Which habits do you need to reform for a more productive day?

1. Checking Email Constantly

I am personally guilty of this more times than not. For whatever reason getting lost in my inbox and updates on my website social media feeds are so much more involved than just checking an email. Sadly, most of my day and many others are stuck here in their mailbox.

To beat this time zapper, set up times where you check your emails. Depending on your schedule, I typically check it right before I start work, around lunch, and two hours before quitting time. A big tip is if you are checking your email before you get off your shift that you are not bringing your work home!

2. Overworking Yourself

Granted in this economy we often need to work two or three jobs just to remain afloat and pay the bills. Sadly, this also means strange sleep schedules, working sleep deprived, or just plain worn out. When you have a day off, yes you need them, take the time to relax.

If you are cleaning the house on your day off, dance with that broomstick and no one will judge you for using the Swiffer as a microphone. Take the time to laugh and rebuild yourself before heading into a new work week. Taking care of your mental stability is just as important as paying your bills on time.

3. Caffeine as Meal Replacements

When you are busy in the mornings, we typically forgo the oatmeal and grab a cup of coffee or tea as we head out the door. Not only is this horrible for your body, but you are facing a caffeine crash within a few hours. If you find that you are sluggish in the mornings, try eating breakfast and eating healthy snacks through the day.

Caffeine is great for a quick pick me up, and for taking away headaches, but apples help do the same, only with a great crunch.

4. Not Taking Breaks

Believe it or not, there is a difference between being a powerhouse, and working endlessly. While you may think that breaks are pointless, they are quite significant! When you take a break, you are giving your brain a moment or two to recharge its creative juices and allow you to take a new perspective on a project if you had difficulties.

I know I have had days where I work for hours on end, and by the end of it, I was so exhausted and burned out on my job that it is hard to come back.

No matter what your to-do list looks like, there are many different ways to get everything done. Sometimes by taking a break and regrouping is the best way to go. Treat your body right, and you will be amazed at how much you can truly accomplish.

Sometimes it is only the small things that are holding you back from being a more productive you!

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