When I quit my day job, my coworkers were surprised. Frankly, they were astonished by my reason why. I had planned to start my own business. I bet you can’t figure out what it is, but that’s beside the point.

But they were taken aback by my reason to give up the 9-5 stable schedule and never failing pay routine. Most people, to be honest, would be nervous about such a transition.

Looking back, I shouldn’t have been surprised by their reaction. What I did was not a common move in society. Even though many people are starting their own businesses, there are so many that rather have afeeling of security, by working for someone else.

Then when that job doesn’t serve us, we move on to another position in another corporation. I was happy, and nothing could stand in my way…or so I thought. What came afterward were the real issues that stood between me and my goal.

Changing my life involved all sorts of frustrations and risks. Anything you think could happen, well almost, did happen.

So, for those who are thinking to quit your day job and going the same route, let me give you a heads up!

1. Time will be limited and you will be excited

In the beginning, there will be more than enough positivity. The passion for your business will be strong, filled with promise and the drive to achieve your goals. But wait! Will there be enough time to make all the dreams from your plans come true?

The truth is, you may not know how to reach those goals in the time you have. There is just not enough hours in the day to fulfill all the things you have lined up for immediate attention.

You will have to narrow down your goals and think of a more reasonable plan. A schedule and a planner is a must, and this is just for starters.

2. Happy hour with coworkers will no longer exist

I always loved being able to meet after work and discuss the boss or which company we were selling out to, but now that doesn’t exist. Since I am a business owner myself, I just can not relate to those things anymore.

I am the boss, there is no one cracking down on my actions except what I hold myself accountable for – myfinances. And my former coworkers cannot relate to me either. They have no idea what it’s like to operate by client and sale instead of my weekly paycheck.

Things will never be the same in this area, but I just have to replace what I’ve lost with new adventures.

3. The world is much larger than you thought

Figuratively speaking, the world is not as small as your little office bubble. Whether you work in a brick and mortar storefront or online, you will meet some of the most colorful people.

You will meet those who are also learning the ropes of their own businesses and those who will help you get ahead with your goals. As your business grows, you will make friends and connections which take you places you never thought possible, and you will see how promising your own business can be.

4. Expect various reactions to you quitting your day job from your family

Family can be curious about what you do for a living or they can be judgmental and make snide remarks. I have experienced both from the same people. I honestly cannot figure out whether they just don’t understand or if they are jealous.

Either way, I have been told that I don’t have a real job, I have had to endure laughter about my “little endeavor” and I have even had to take my work to another location in order to get things done. Unfortunately, the family can be difficult to deal with when making the transition from day job to entrepreneurship.

When the family is supportive, on the other hand, it can be really helpful. This choice of action can actually boost my self-esteem and give me that “Ummph” that I need to get over hurdles in the business. Just be prepared for either reaction and also be ready to answer many strange questions.

5. The small things are rewarding

I get excited when I work with a new client. I also love getting followers and email. These little things can mean so much when you have your own business. Comments, posts, and connections also provide a huge sense of accomplishment.

All these efforts and gains, as small as they may be, are what makes it all worthwhile. Your day job cannot provide these feelings in the same way.

I left my day job, and I am glad I did!

As for me, I am satisfied with the path I’m on. It’s far from perfect, but it’s more rewarding than anything else I have ever done in my life.

If you decide to quit your day job, then there must be something calling to you that just won’t stop. Before you take the leap, just keep these things in mind. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!

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