Powerful women seem like they have it all; an important career, a great image and the ability to be independent. What more could one want?

It’s no surprise that many women aspire to be powerful, as with power comes wonderful things.

If a woman is powerful she’s less likely to be taken advantage of. If she has the power she does not have to depend on a man, and this allows her to feel free.

Though power is advantageous for any woman, there is a downside; many powerful women are unhappy in their relationships.

If you are a powerful woman who is unhappy with her relationship, here are five reasons you might feel this way.

1. Powerful women don’t want to settle

Powerful women know just what they want and can’t fathom settling for second best. It doesn’t matter if they are considering a dinner plan or a romantic partner, these women are unhappy if they don’t get their first choice.

A powerful woman will be unhappy if she often makes compromises for her partner’s sake. If her partner dares to fall short of any promise or goal, no question he or she will be judgedharshly.

2. Powerful women want their partner to keep up

A powerful woman want’s her significant other to be capable and competent. Opposites really do attract and often career driven women will initially fall in love with romantic artist types.

These romantic types mean well and have many lovely characteristics but just can’t keep up when it comes to raking in the dough. Much of the time powerful women become agitated and resentful when they feel as if they are pulling all the weight on their own.

This only gets worse if children are in the picture.

3. Men don’t like it when women have a higher level of education

Many men have a problem with women who have higher levels of education than they do, whether they realize it or not. These men feel it’s their duty to be the primary breadwinner and support beam of the family and view their masculinity as threatened when a woman does the job better.

A 10-year surveyof marriages in Australia shows that men become annoyed with their higher-qualified partners. The survey went on to show that most men and even women don’t like their partners to be too adventurous as it promotes a fear of cheating.

If a powerful woman is in a relationship with someone who feels threatened by her success, it’s not going to be a very happy relationship.

4. Powerful women feel tied down

It’s easy for a powerful woman to feel tied down when her partner is less successful. Even if a powerful woman’s partner is averagely successful, it’s easy for her to view them as slightly lesser compared to her amazing achievements. It’s not difficult for her to view satisfactory as lazy.

She sets impossibly high standards for herself and applies these same standards to everyone else, no matter how unrealistic this may be. When a powerful woman’s partner feels judged and or inadequate, you better believe arguments will rise.

5. Powerful women don’t want to be outdone

On the other hand, many powerful women get jealous if their partner outdoes them in anything. Powerful women are used to winning and when their partner is better than them at something it makes them uncomfortable and jealous.

Powerful women who love their partners know they shouldn’t think this way, but they just can’t help it.

If you are powerful a woman in an unhappy relationship, it may be time to evaluate why.

Ask yourself if you truly love your partner at the end of the day and if you are setting your standards too high.

If you feel your standards are fair and you won’t ever be happy with your current partner, it’s probably time to end it and find someone who can better handle a powerful woman like you.

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