Perfectionism… A negative trait that turns a person into an obsessive neurotic. How pessimistic!!

Why not look at the good side? For example, better and more polished work results, greater organization skills and much more.

If you come to a dentist, it’ll be better if he checks all your teeth for cavities not just treats the aching tooth, right? And the same with construction workers building a house for you-you want them to do a perfect job so that your house is flawless!

So there are moments in life when each person should be a perfectionist. The main point is that you don’t get too obsessive about it. Otherwise, this will lead to anxiety and depression.

Perfectionists very often are concerned about what other people think of them – this brings social anxiety. They tend to set enormously high standards for themselves – and that leads to frustration when it appears they were unable to accomplish the desired results.

Another hobby of a perfectionist is to sit and beat themselves up for something they did wrong throughout the day or for something they forgot to do. They usually don’t remember the fact that they are just plain human.

It’s actually good to make mistakes because when you make them, you learn from them and develop as a person.

The infographic below explores perfectionism from both a good and a bad side. You will also get to know what kinds of perfectionists there are. Ultimately, there is a very helpful section for perfectionists at the end – actionable exercises too little by little cure yourself and become a “healthier” perfectionist.

This means that a person continues to strive for excellent results but is not obsessive about it, accepts failure as a good chance to learn something new, and moves on, knowing that next time he or she will succeed. I hope you enjoy it!!

perfectionism infographic

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