This is the product of 5-6 weeks of drawing, “Part of Nature” is an amazing infographic by Stuart McMillen about the environment and nature.

“Graphically and, I hope, thematically it is miles ahead of the work I was doing at the start of the year. I feel it it my best strip to date. I’m trying harder to set a sustained tone with my strips.” said Stuart McMillen.

Stuart McMillen used to know all the answers, but now he’s not so sure. Now armed with questions rather than answers, he shares his curiosity via comics about science, society and ecological sustainability.

Based in Canberra, Australia, Stuart uses the medium of comics to explore serious issues with a unique perspective and a sense of fun. Since 2012 Stuart has been publishing content to Previously, Stuart came to the attention of the internet via the website (2008-2011).

Part of Nature cartoon by Stuart McMillen

Stuart is available as a freelance cartoon artist and creative collaborator. He has produced commissioned pieces for projects including government education campaigns, t-shirt designs and even a comic book wedding invitation (there were lots of dinosaurs…)


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