LifeAdvancer is a team of positive and creative people who aspire to improve the overall quality of their life, become happier & healthier and achieve success.

We care about the environment and other global issues and want to contribute to making the world a better place to live. We promote these values and share information that can help our readers improve themselves, their life and the world!

Anna L.
Anna L.Developer & Lead Editor
Anna is a writer & web developer passionate about learning new things and sharing knowledge.
Panos K.
Panos K.Developer & Content Manager
Panos is a web developer interested in computers, movies and music. He is a fan of DIYs and lifehacks.

Our Valuable Team Members

Valerie S.
Valerie S.Writer & Content Editor
Valerie is a multi-interested law student who is fond of reading and writing about numerous topics.
Antonis K.
Antonis K.Social Media Manager
Antonis K. …
Sherrie S.
Sherrie S.Writer & Content Editor
Sherrie is a freelance writer and artist with over 10 years of experience. She spends most of her time giving life to the renegade thoughts.
Holly W.
Holly W.Writer
As a writer, I cover a broad scope of subjects and have written on a range of topics including fashion, arts, travel, and lifestyle, as well as IT and business-related themes.
Egline G.
Egline G.Writer
Egline J. is a passionate writer, she is located in New York City and she is a professional life coach, with her valuable information through her writings and books.
Caroline J.
Caroline J.Writer
Caroline is a freelance writer, editor. She has an MA in Ancient World Studies but has a wide spectrum of interests, including philosophy, history, science, politics etc.
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