Are you using the summer months to improve your health or are you wasting the best period of the year entirely?

Unlike the moody spring or the chilly autumn, the summer months offer the best opportunities to go out and enjoy life on a daily basis.

Besides enjoyment, leaving the apartment can also greatly aid your health by lowering blood pressure, heart rate, the risk of heart disease and the level of stress.

Enjoying a period to the fullest is all about organizing it. A chaotic schedule would simply add more stress as you try to juggle all of the activities you had in mind but could not sit down and plan.

There are a few simple tips and trick which can ensure that your summer is the period of relaxation that you deserve.

1. Be Mobile

As the weather is no longer trying to prove that it can act as a large-scale refrigerator, you will probably be gone a lot during the summer months, either for a few days or a few hours. For that reason, it is important to always have a travel pack in your car.

Having a few basic items, like a sleeping bag or a toothbrush, in your car at all times can greatly extend your freedom. This way, you can be spontaneous and spend a night camping without even planning it. The only part that you did plan from the beginning is having your trusty travel bag.

Beyond the travel bag, some tools can be especially helpful when it comes to summer activities. Picnic and grill aids, pocket cutlery, a gardener’s apron and so on can make your pastime easier and more enjoyable. It’s all about having the right tools for the right activities at all time.

2. Workaround Trips & Events

All year ‘round, your focus has been work or other heavy-duty responsibilities. Planning your summer months should go about a different outlook altogether. Mark the days of the month that you want to spend in the great outdoors, by the pool or simply away on a trip.

By planning your work around your trips instead of the other way around like usual, your focus will be turned to enjoying them more. A cool morning trek through the forest or simply an afternoon in the park with the family will gain the importance they should always have. This time, put your phone on silent during these moments, not just during business meetings.

There are a few major upsides to being outside when it comes to health and wellness. The first is that it makes working out easier. Even walking is a great step up than simply sitting hunchbacked in your cubicle at the office. More than that, a study has shown walking outside can enhance creativity and focus.

3. Summer Possibilities

Outdoor exercising, yoga classes, picnics, dance lessons, kite flying and many other activities become viable and healthy ways to spend time in the summer. However, finding time to get do to do all or most of them, you need self-discipline and careful organization.

Start by choosing a few dates. Don’t try to micromanage every month, as you probably will not succeed. Place your printable calendar in a central point of the house. Talk to your family so that your summer plans won’t be a secret known only by you.

By telling more people about it, you only increase the chances of doing it.

Next, mark the days you want to plan your activities on with a marker. Even if you don’t stick to them by the letter, every time you’ll pass by it, you shall be reminded that time, especially during the summer months, is precious.

Another trick you can use to make sure you make plans at all and actually follow through with them is to invite friends along. Traveling or going outside with more people motives you to not cancel or postpone. Even if you dread going at that very moment, the sense of duty will carry you to the right place.

4. Health & Wellness

Beyond physical activity and its definite benefits, summer is also the season of fruits. Nature’s garden is richest during this period so make sure you always remember to have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

Stress reduction only works if you let it. As mentioned before, plan your summer months so that your free time is actual free time, not time spent on the phone or working from home.

Make a policy for yourself and other coworkers that clearly establishes the boundaries between time off and time spent on the job.

Staying up late is a common mistake during the long summer days. Coupled with a lower alcohol and meat intake, sleeping well and drinking more water will have an immediate impact on your health and mood, making spending time with the family a real pleasure.

Organizing your summer months means nothing if you don’t actually stick to the plan.

As such, motivation to get out is something that you need to find every day because, in the end, it’s you that benefits the most. If you have your own summer plans or would like to recommend some, share your opinion freely.

After all, socializing is a big part of going out and starting with a comment is only planning ahead!

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