With all the pharmaceutical products out there for colds, flu, or most ailments you may want to look back at a more tried-and-true product. Oregano oil has been used for centuries and there are many uses that you will find interesting.

If you’ve used oregano oil before you know how potent it can be and if you’ve never tried it, this could be a big eye-opener. There is a good deal of oregano oil uses that go beyond just combating a cold.

Using oregano goes back to ancient Greece and with all the benefits it provides, it shows they were on to something. The name oregano comes from Greek words meaning “Joy of the Mountain” and for good reason.

Here are 7 oregano oil uses and health benefits you probably didn’t know about.

What Is Oregano Oil?

Oregano is more than just a herb you sprinkle on your pizza. The plant lends itself to many dishes whether it’s in dried or natural form. Even though it’s native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa It’s associated with a lot of Mediterranean type dishes, is very versatile, and has a distinctive flavor and aroma.

Oregano is actually a member of the mint family and the plants can grow up to 50 centimeters high. Oregano oil is a concentrated extracted liquid you can find in most health food shops. These products come with an eyedropper to get the right dosage since it’s so concentrated.

The thing is that oregano oil is actually easy to make by yourself. You need Oregano leaves, chopped or crushed, Olive oil and a sanitized jar with a lid.

Oregano Plant

From there you will:

  1. Fill the jar halfway with oregano leaves.
  2. Pour in the oil to cover the leaves and stir to remove any bubbles.
  3. Shake or turn the jar to make sure the leaves are covered.
  4. Keep the jar in a warm area and in a paper bag so it’s away from sunlight.
  5. Let it sit for 4-6 weeks turning or slightly shaking every few days.
  6. After this time strain the oil through a cheesecloth to separate from the leaves.
  7. Place the oil in another sanitized container.
  8. Store in a cool dry area.

This will cost you pennies to make and the mixture will last for up to a year. Now that you have your oil here are some oregano oil uses and health benefits associated with it. The first things that are associated with oregano oil are its use in respiratory and immune system health but it goes much further than that:

1. Oregano Oil Can Ease Sore Throat

Just put a few drops into a glass of lukewarm water and then gargle with the water to help relieve sore throat

2. It Can Help Fight Off Urinary Tract Infections

UTI’s are brought on by bacteria like E.coli, Proteus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Using oregano oil is a natural antibacterial substance and can offer pain relief.

3. Can Help Prevent & Treat Parasitic Infection

One of the biggest oregano oil uses is in its ability to fight off parasitic infections caused by amoeba giardia. There are findings showing how it may be more effective than some antibiotics. Another big advantage is that oregano oil can help improve your gut health.

When you take antibiotics one of the side effects is that it can decrease gut health. So not only will you avoid that by taking oregano oil you’ll be boosting it at the same time. Any time you can choose natural remedies the better you will be for it.

4. Use Oregano Oil To Treat Yeast Infections

Some yeast infections are resistant to certain antifungal drugs but oregano oil can stand up better than these drugs. You’ll want to consult with your doctor if you’ve been taking other medications just to make sure that there aren’t any negative interactions.

5. Ease Sinus Infections & Colds

This is usually what we associate oregano oil with. During cold and flu season you’ll want to make sure you have some near you at all times to keep your immune system as strong as it can be. The easiest way to use it, and get the best absorption, is to put a few drops under your tongue.

This is why it’s good to distribute it with an eye dropper if you can find one so you can control the dosage. You want to hold it under the tongue for at least 15-20 seconds but longer if you can before swallowing it. Keep in mind, it’s not the most pleasant tasting thing but you at least know that it’s going to be effective!

6. It May Lower Cholesterol

Studies have been done with participants using 25 ml of oregano oil after each meal. They found that after three months the participants had lower LDL cholesterol and higher HDL cholesterol. This means they could lower their bad cholesterol but improve their good cholesterol at the same time.

7. Oregano Oil Helps With Skin Conditions

One of the best oregano oil uses is its ability to be used topically. It can help with skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. It also is good at fighting dandruff, cold sores, and even toenail fungus. When you are using it topically, you can mix it with olive oil to make a great natural serum.

A good mixing ratio is one drop of oregano oil to one teaspoon of olive oil and then apply this mixture to the infected area. Again, much cheaper than any commercially made products that will be filled with a ton of chemicals and possible toxins.


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