Old souls seem to have an innate maturity, which also affects their love life.

They go through life as if their eyes had seen a lot more than their years on this planet would permit. Old souls understand that there’s more to life than what X is wearing or who Y is dating. They realize there’s more to life than how much money you’ve got in your bank account and what car you’re driving. How do old souls love and show affection in a relationship?

An old soul can approach relationships in a different way to the rest of the world. They are like an old oak tree: solid, reliable, impressive, and strong.

Here are some things old souls do differently in a relationship:

1. Old souls love wisely

An old soul has been through many incarnations. They’ve experienced all forms of relating. They carry a memory bank they can dip into in any relationship. They’ve been through high drama and romantic intrigue and they’ve evolved past all that.

They’re not looking for romantic entanglements or superficial flirtations. They’re looking for someone to share their vision and their journey through life.

2. Old souls are more conscious of their vulnerability

In past incarnations, old souls have found themselves playing both parts in relationships. They’ve been both the victim and the perpetrator of heartbreak. They intuitively understand when a partnership is not for the greater good of both souls involved. They’ve got no time for toxic relationships.

3. Old souls know what they want

Old souls have evolved beyond simple ego impulses. They’re not looking for a partner who just looks good on their arm. They want a deep soul connection. They know that finding that kind of connection takes time, and they’re willing to wait.

4. They have a knowing look in their eyes

When you’re sitting at dinner with an old soul you might notice that when they look into your eyes, there seems to be a recognition of who you really are. It’s like they already know you. All of you.

5. Old souls acknowledge their partner’s individuality

An old soul recognizes that their partner’s journey is not necessarily the same as their own. They understand that there are many ways to climb a mountain, each one fraught with risks and obstacles. They offer their support to the person they love, rather than holding them back.

6. They aren’t threatened by their partner’s success

Old souls want the best for those they care about. They’ve evolved beyond petty power struggles and they realize that if their partner is doing great, they’re doing great too. An old soul wants to lift their partner up to be the best they can be.

7. Old souls don’t give up at the first hurdle

Old souls realize that relationships require work. They know that no relationship is perfect and that you’ve got to make sacrifices to make a relationship a success. Old souls see relationship troubles as an opportunity for growth. They know that coming out of struggles just makes a bond stronger.

8. They can be depressed

Old souls have seen a lot and they carry the burden of the human condition with them. You don’t evolve to this point without having looked into the abyss a few times.

The behavior of people has repeatedly disappointed them, and they’ve seen the same things happening over and over again. They know that the cycle will go on and this is a hard truth to live with.

9. Old souls don’t ‘better deal’ their partner

An old soul doesn’t just trade their partner in for a ‘better’ model when the novelty wears off. What they cherish is the deeper, long-term connection which comes of truly just being with one person. They’re not magpies going after the next shiny thing, they’re owls that remain clear-sighted even in the darkness.

10. They don’t just love romantically

An old soul realizes that romantic love is just one of the expressions of love. They can feel a deep bond with animals and even plants. They might even choose to turn their backs on romantic love for a time because the drama and ego struggles can just seem petty to them.

All in all, old souls are like a rare antique gem in a marketplace full of cheap fakes. A relationship with an old soul is not for everyone. This is love for grown-ups.

If you’re lucky enough to love an old soul, you’ll feel that their love for you is not flighty or passing. You’ll feel secure enough to fulfill your own destiny, knowing that they’re right there behind you.

Do you love an old soul or are you one? Do you identify with the points made above?

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