New Year is a great period not only for kids but adults as well. While children are waiting for miracles and gifts, adults want to start new lives.

You might know many people who promise themselves to start achieving a goal (or even goals) every year.

Unfortunately, people rarely succeed in this annual tradition of setting goals.

If you want to accomplish goals, you need to set them correct and roll up your sleeves. New Year is coming, so it is important to learn the art of achieving goals to succeed in 2016.

Before establishing goals, people should know how to divide them according to its validity, urgency, and topic.

Types of Goals

All goals can be divided into two groups according to their validity and urgency:

  • Long-term: All people have long-term goals, even without knowing it. The most common way to set these goals is to decide what you want in the future.
  • Short-term: These goals are parts of long-term goals (steps toward their achieving). Plus, you can achieve within one year. Thus, you need to focus on short-term goals while planning 2016.

No matter what type of goals you plan to achieve, it’s important to understand their topic:

  • physical goals are related to health (lose weight, improve health, etc.)
  • mental goals help your self-development (form a habit, start attending courses, learn a foreign language, etc.)
  • material goals are based on finances (put aside money, increase income, invest money, etc.)
  • social goals help people build relations with other people (win friends, help dearest and nearest, donate money to charity, etc.)

If you know all above-mentioned types of goals, you can start thinking about your personal goals that you want to achieve in the next year.

Once you’re ready to name your goals, take a notebook and a pen to write them down. Of course, it’s not enough to start achieving them, so you need to take a look at the following tips that might help you.

Here comes a list of tips:

  • Prioritize: It’s nearly impossible to achieve all goals you want. Thus, you need to prioritize them and start working on the most important ones first.
  • Subdivide goals: Some people recommend to divide goals intro several sub-goals. For example, if you want to travel abroad, you can write down several goals: find a company, buy tickets, book apartments, save money, etc.
  • Visualize: Once you’ve created an image of your goal, your brain will start working on achieving it. Thus, visualization is a great tool to accomplish goals, as it helps you understand your goals are real.
  • Write down achievements: It is important to track your results if you want to get a motivation. It’s a big pleasure to ‘tick’ what you’ve achieved.
  • Find support: Being on your own with your hopes and fears might be hard. If you have a reliable person who shares the same ideas, that’s great. It means you have a support.
  • Get motivation: To stay inspired, you need to have a strong motivation. No matter what motivates you, whether successful gurus, quotes, or friends, you need to boost motivation once and for all.
  • Reward yourself: If you’re too strict to yourself, it’s unlikely you’ll achieve goals fast. In fact, rewarding yourself is a key to success, as it proves you are on the right way.
  • Act now: You don’t need some ‘specific’ data; you need your inner desire. That’s all! Don’t wait for New Year Eve, act now!

Bonus: Inspirational Quotes

We all know the importance of drawing inspiration from things we like. Thus, you are welcome to read motivational quotes that might inspire you to achieve your goals in 2016.


When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.

Brian Tracy

“People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine.”

Natalie du Toit

“You have to work hard for what you want to achieve and you have to set goals and dreams and really go for them.”

Melody Beattie

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.”

Final Thoughts

Sometimes people like to be in trend, so we often plan to do something that is ‘cool’ for others instead of something that would ‘great’ for ourselves. That is the biggest mistake. The more you are interested in achieving goals, the more effective you are.

Remember: Never set goals that you don’t want to achieve, as it is just wasting time. Do you plan to set goals for 2016?

Share your ideas with us! Let’s support each other and see results soon!

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