What Is Nephrolithiasis and How to Relieve It with These Fitness Exercises

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4. Swimming

This is a refreshing way to exercise. Try to use your hands and body too, so you can exercise the entire body. You can perform the various swimming strokes to rejuvenate your muscles.

You can do the backstroke, butterfly stroke, combat swimmer stroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, freestyle, and the trudgen. These strokes are self-explanatory, just by their names, except for the trudgen stroke, which is also known as the racing stroke.

In this method, the swimmer uses his scissor kick stroke and overarm strokes alternately. Make sure you wear the proper swimming gear, such as a swimming cap and goggles. A light and a fitting swimsuit are required.

5. Dancing

To most people, dancing is not an exercise. However, studies have proven that dancing is actually a type of exercise. The difference is that you use an audio to perform the steps. It’s more enjoyable too because you can meet new friends and learn new dance moves.

Of course, you have to wear appropriate clothing, as well. If you’re new to dancing, wear comfortable shoes and not high heels. Start with ballroom dancing, and then you can later proceed to jazz and modern dancing.

6. Other aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises include walking, jogging, cycling and similar activities. You can also include Tai Chi, Stairmaster, hiking, and calisthenics. Tai Chi is similar to martial arts but involves slower movements and focuses on the mind-body connection. You can perform these exercises together with your friends and family.

These exercises are recommended for persons with nephrolithiasis. If you have kidney stones, here are advantages that you can derive from these fitness exercises.

Advantages of exercises to persons with nephrolithiasis

  • As previously mentioned, exercises can help eliminate the stones from the kidneys. This is because as you exercise, the gravitational pull of the ground will tend to tug the stone down the urinary tubules and be excreted as urine through the urethra.
  • The constant movement of the body can break the stones into smaller ones that would facilitate their excretion by the kidneys.
  • The increased circulation, due to exercise, would prevent the accumulation of crystals in any part of the body. Because of the quicker elimination of the waste products of the body, which includes uric acid crystals, the formation of stones is prevented. Uric acid is the most common crystal that accumulates to form kidney stones.

Tips for performing the fitness exercises for persons with nephrolithiasis

1. If unsure whether to exercise or not, consult your doctor.

You can inform him of the fitness exercises that you plan to perform. When you experience extreme pain during your exercises, you must consult your physician too. It’s better to be certain that nothing is wrong with you than to assume that the pain is nothing.

2. Hydrate yourself properly.

The body is composed of 60% to 80% water because cells need water to be able to perform their physiological functions. Also, when severe dehydration occurs, the heart is at risk. The heart can suddenly stop, causing death. So, drink water every now and then during the course of your exercise. Don’t drink it in one gulp, but take infrequent but adequate amounts, as you exercise.

3. Don’t engage in exercises requiring you to carry heavy objects.

Lifting heavy objects can exert undue pressure on your kidneys. This can damage and impair their proper function.

4. Do warm-ups before your exercise by stretching.

Likewise, perform cooling down exercises after you’re done. Performing these exercises will ensure that your body is properly attuned before and after the exercises. Sudden changes in your body’s condition can cause problems.

5. Your exercises must be regular to provide you the health benefits that you can derive from them.

Studies have shown that persons with nephrolithiasis, who have exercised regularly, have increased the excretion of their urinary stones.

6. For the benefits of fitness exercises to be truly effective, you have to couple it with healthy living.

Eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep and avoid alcohol, nicotine and illicit drugs.

Alcohol prevents the elimination of uric acid crystals from the body. Illicit drugs and nicotine can cause unhealthy changes in your body, such as dysfunctional respiration, mental depression or stimulation, and many more unhealthy side effects.


Fitness exercises for individuals with nephrolithiasis are the same as that of healthy persons, except for two major exercises: heavy weightlifting and strenuous exercises.

In addition, the person must not have any kidney complications or other debilitating pre-existing conditions. If there are, the person must ask approval first from his physician or urologist before performing any type of exercises.


Author Bio: Adelaide is a medical technologist by profession. She’s most interested in techniques to stay fit, trim and healthy. She had injuries related to sports, which she was able to resolve eventually. So, she wants to help people overcome their health problems. Visit her website and twitter.

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