In this article, we will be discussing some significant pros and cons of using skincare products, especially for treating acne.

Being the most prominent part of our body, our face still ends up as an innocent victim to acne, blemishes, breakouts, and what not – which is almost as horrible as having a nightmare. This is why every woman around the world is trying her best to bring out a flawless skin like one of those celebrities we so heartily admire on the television.

In the struggle of keeping our skin glowing and pimples-free, we women tend to experiment with tons of treatments, including both home remedies and skincare products.

But little do we know that each skin has its own properties and own story to tell. Knowing what skin type you have and which product should complement it is utterly imperative, but sadly not many of us know the drill.

Using skincare products is not entirely a waste – there is a reason why they are popular and making big bucks in the market. But using a product which is not meant for your face is a disaster.

Pros of Skincare Products

Currently, the market is roaring with skincare products, especially the organic and all-natural ones because they are mild and gentle for those who have sensitive skin, and we all know sensitive skin is a major victim of breakouts and zits.

1. Silicone-Based Products

Many people have the misconception that silicone-based products lead to breakouts and redness, which in reality is quite the contrary. Silicon ingredients have the tendency to moisturize the skin and eliminate the inflammation, which usually occurs during acne.

They are primarily used in the burn units because of their unique properties of non-sensitization and benefits. Although it is true that some people are allergic to silicon ingredients, this is quite rare and most importantly, true silicone ingredients are not pore-clogging.

2. The Right Ingredients

It is important that you use well-formulated products with the right ingredients. Knowing your skin type is crucial because only your skin can tell which ingredient is perfect for it and which is not.

Therefore, skin care treatment products that have the right ingredients for your skin can do wonders and bring positive results within weeks.

For example, the right antioxidants and emollients can actually ward off stubborn zit marks and clean your skin tone, while glycol acid-based products can effectively correct skin texture and protect skin from aging.

Also, gentle minerals based sunscreen can actually protect sensitive and aging skin from further damaging. All you need to do is to choose wisely.

3. Complementing Products

Choosing products with gentle ingredients is extremely important because no one wants to irritate their skin. For combination and oily skin, all-natural acne products and organic products can be a great choice for women.

Since the skin is the most sensitive part of our body, these gentle skincare items can treat skin with the best protection by providing the amount of moisturizer that is needed plus the amount of natural oil that should be layered on your skin.

Cell-communicating agents with matte finish are ideal for oily skin tone, while for dry skin, plant-based oil with moisturizing power is the best choice, and you can only get these properties through certain skincare products.

Cons of Skincare Products

Even with the popularity of certain beauty care products, we still see awfully negative results from their use that destroys the elasticity and texture of our skin by increasing breakouts and pimples.

1. Using the Wrong Product

So you heard about a product that worked best on your friend’s skin. You find her face clearer than ever with even tone – Now, you should not just snappishly splurge your money on this new product your friend so fondly talked about, rather you should check out the reviews online and search for the ingredients.

This is the common mistake that most women do these days – trying out a new skincare routine without considering their skin type. Fragrant plant extracts, alcohol, horsetail, methyl acetate and some more cause skin irritation, especially to those who have acne.

2. Using too Many Skin Products at a time

Women with acne look for treatments that can fend off their scarred acne marks and irritating zits over a night, which is quite unmanageable, to say the least.

People who are applying for acne or anti-aging treatment think that more is good, rather than be thankful for the steady little progress their skin makes.

So, they splurge money on too many creams, exfoliants, toners, scrubs, and whatnot – all at the same time. Having vitamin C based serum, retinoid, and alcohol-based skin moisturizer can cause irritation.

Some may feel fine in the beginning, but a combination of all these products backfires as the time passes, leaving users with unending inflammation and breakouts.

3. Products Don’t Sell what They Say

A lot of products fall heavily on our pockets, especially the ones that are associated with trendy skin brands. But not all expensive products deliver expensive results. Their coverage on social media and awareness boosts up their sells but does not bring successful outcomes.

If the skin care products were a total failure, there would hardly be any available in the beauty stores. But positive results from certain customers are what keep these products alive.

And the most demanding ones are always pricey, but the popularity doesn’t have to do anything with the type of skin you have. Therefore, read the ingredients, take your dermatologist’s opinion, and then use the one product you admire.

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